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Zhong An insurance deputy general manager Wu Ti: the new finance should view the Internet as technology deputy general manager Wu Ti Zhong An insurance Sina Francisco September 14th message, sponsored by Sina Technology theme "future state" of the second session of the Sina C+ summit held in Beijing Jinmao Risorgimento Hotel yesterday, Zhong An insurance Deputy General Manager Wu Ti to participate in the theme "the future of gold" dialogue. In the view of Wu Di, the new financial must be combined with financial technology and scientific technology, not only the Internet as a channel, easy to use the Internet as a channel for customers or tools in traditional finance. We understand the Internet banking should first be able to use the Internet as an ecosystem as a way of life, a technical means and finance to do connection. Specific to the Internet insurance, Wu Ti that is different from other areas. First, financial risk and technology risk boundaries become increasingly blurred, and the financial risk itself still, between these two things is the multiplier effect; second, the risk of technology itself has changed, the new technology conditions there will be some new risks, the financial product itself bring disruptive influence the. Wu Ti said that insurance is currently in China is too low, and we talk about finance, the insurance is rarely regarded as the main risk management tools, as well as the last line of defense. In the future the supervision system, including the government is now doing a lot of guidance and transformation, Wu Ti thought that the insurance is a member of the financial supervision of the entire financial system which is very important, and hope that the entire financial industry to re learn, positioning and understanding of insurance as a financial tool itself all the function and significance. The following is Wu Di (Xu Li) speech: the first is different in traditional finance, it is easy for people to use the Internet as a channel for customers or tools, we must first be able to understand the Internet banking, the Internet as an ecological view as a way of life, and the use of Technology and financial connection. I want to tell you that, in fact, finance is a technology, although it is a little bit of science. So when we talk about financial technology, in fact, it is a new development in the field of Finance and technology, including hardware, software, as well as changes in the entire Internet environment associated with a new discipline. Let me give you some concrete examples. For example, last month we just started doing Xiaoshan on logistics vehicle on highway ETC automatic postpaid products, this product in the application process runs through from the OBD technology, OBU technology, ABU technology, and even the association, including the entire technology, is behind this tool. So it’s a combination of financial technology and technology. Now we begin to use the foot step, as a health insurance valuation indicators, which is an Internet of things technology, people are also part of the future, the Internet of things technology and financial pricing techniques. Now we have online sales of second-hand mobile phone broken screen insurance industry before the technical conditions of the broken screen insurance basically can only guarantee the new machines, Zhong An insurance now through artificial intelligence technology, can only two mobile phone screen is damaged, identity and knowledge.相关的主题文章: