Yabuli forum talk the least people Wang Shi focused on spectators soojin

Yabuli forum talk the least people? Wang Shi focused on spectators in August 25th, inundated with rain in the early autumn morning, wearing a dark blue suit, Under Armour’s visual brand red sweater, foot pointed black shoes, Wang Shi into the Xi’an Yabuli entrepreneurs forum main venue. This is the treasure of the dispute 9 months Wang Shi rare high-profile debut. In the long run to Wang Shi in the teeth of the storm Xi’an participants, really make a lot of people are surprised. In fact, I do not know from which point of time to start, treasure million dispute for the audience of Wang Shi’s absence has become commonplace. August 22nd, Vanke held interim results conference, as chairman of the board of directors Wang Shi absent. Many financial analysts pointed out that Wang Shi is not surprising, but the absence of Yu Liang is more interesting. Many people may remember Wang Shi’s June debut Vanke shareholders meeting dress, "to draw the outline of the pectoral muscle’s white shirt, grey tie collocation". The Wang Shi’s suit is still "fan", only "Bao Wan contest" situation has undergone profound changes. At that time, "when the resumption of Vanke A" and "the fate of Wang Shi" and other topics in the market by rolling them. Over the past 3 months, Hengda Xu Jiayin joined the "Bao Wan contest", the Vanke shares turned up. China Insurance Regulatory Commission for venture capital attitude gradually clear, but there is no conclusive document issued. Wang Shi and the fate of Vanke management is still uncertain. Wang Shi did not appear to solve any question in the hearts of people. Many problems to reporters, Wang Shi waved his hand, and pointed to the table for the guests, politely refused to answer questions. After qualifying on Wang Shi is the director of Yabuli entrepreneurs forum, participants came to this is as it should be. But his name did not appear on the guest list. This seems to mean that Wang Shi may not speak the whole process. If the entire forum Wang Shi It is as expected, abnormal silence, not only the media reporters, even at the big brother, Wang Shi also talked very little. The front row of the table is similar to a large round table at dinner, 10 people per table, the horizontal row of the 4 row, the vertical row of 3, including all the top heavyweight guests. The distance between each table and each table is very large. Then the row is slightly tight, the organizers at the back like a small chair neatly arranged square column. As for the press and the media there is no seat, can only stand on both sides of the round table. This actually closer to each other. Facing the stage a round table, sat the Yabuli forum chairman, Lenovo Group Chairman Yang Yuanqing. At the same time, the former chairman of ICBC Jiang Jianqing, governor of Shaanxi Province, Hu Heping, as well as Asian investment bank president and other heavyweight guests of the president of the United States, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, as well as the governor of the bank of. Wang Shi was placed on the right of Table 1, table 3, with Baidu, Ren Zhiqiang, and the same table as the. Wang Shi comes early, sit at the right hand side, Baekje China founder Wang Xiaodong also didn’t come. So Wang Shi and the left hand side of the digital China Chairman Guo Wei exchanged greeting. But soon, Wang Shi began to turn the phone. When the host began to read the list of participants, the reporter found that a total of 24 guests read out, Wang Shi’s name in the last fifth. Robin Li, chairman of the board of directors, such as Ctrip, Liang Jianzhang, and so appeared in front of the, and so on, and so on, and so on. Be read to.相关的主题文章: