While the police reached out to rescue the injured bird experts National Animal Protection (video) kaya scodelario

While the police reached out to rescue the injured bird expert: Department of national animal protection in November 19th evening 5 o’clock, the reporter received a Yancheng public security detachment huangshahe border police station "crane support teams" phone broke the news: their way back in the police patrol, found that there is a bird in the roadside grass, and may not take off because of the injury, now the bird has been brought back to the police station. See a house reporter rushed to the police station where the bird has been placed in a cage, the frightened bird squatting in the cage motionless, plumage expansion, neck diameter, once it was near, suddenly stretched out his long beak, the bird body hemp brown, black brown, striped black body, wings of black stripes. Yellow River border police officer Lin Hong told reporters, on the way back from the police, they found that there is a bird to be wounded in a roadside, jumping about, but do not fly, after inspection, the bird’s legs may be injured and unable to stand. The reporter then took a few pictures of birds, by WeChat to Professor Sun Huajin bird experts, please help identify the. Not for a long time, Professor Sun Huajin told reporters on the phone, this bird named great bittern, belongs to the protection of national level two "three birds", in the evening and at night, daytime activities more hidden in the water reeds and grass, often in the grass or frightened reeds stood motionless, head and neck to vertical straight, sharp tongued towards the sky, and around the grass, reed together, do not pay attention to it is difficult to distinguish, once frightened, not only take off to escape. At present, the only great bittern caged in the border police station, and other injuries improved after the reintroduction of nature. Expand the video: has nothing to do with the original Zhanjiang Hotel: openly selling national protected animal whale sharks相关的主题文章: