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What next week wearing boots and velvet velvet! Star bloggers all grab but this fashion was extremely fond of elements, all kinds of velvet fine single product become a fashion favorite, even fashionable sister Kim Kendall also recently fell in love with this pair of velvet boots, several street wear velvet boots different the luxurious and exquisite feeling, I see that a heart! Kendall colored velvet boots a velvet boots Street deep purple white color collocation Tee and bare oblique slit skirt, the body is key velvet boots perfect world! Suede jacket, denim shorts collocation is velvet boots in shades of deep blue, deep blue more modified foot. Of course, there are more eye-catching colors of velvet, like this very bright blue, in fact it is very easy to become a highlight of collocation. The last time I went out, it was more difficult to control the olive green, but the black skirt with the above, it looks very harmonious. The fall of the shoe on velvet noble and highlights feminine, female stars of love Italy popular blogger Chiara recently shared a photo of himself in the Fashion Week Street Photos, this pair of smoke Pink Velvet boots Qiangjing full, soft and comfortable, and very young girl taste. Elmar · Roberts is a red wine to compare the insurance, because the clothes to wear more than the prime, so with a pair of warm red wine color is very texture. Taylor New York can show the wear this pair of red velvet boots, retro flavor more, but the length of the velvet boots, legs really need to manage. How to fashion fine velvet boots collocation on ins and in fact many bloggers have begun to wear this pair of velvet boots, because this pair of shoes is not only color value is high, but in fact the velvet fabric is also quite warm, so this year, choose a pair of velvet boots is a serious matter. Cowboy nine pants collocation, this simple and vivid color color appropriate. From the length of view, this to the calf will be easy to expose the shortcomings of small thick legs, but if your calf is perfect, in fact, this is a very special length. This wine is deep red fashion bloggers most often wear a color, low-key introverted calm. Autumn is more beautiful to wear this color, make whole collocation is very "temperature" this light gray is also very beautiful, because of the special material of velvet fabric, will present this a little white appearance, but is not the same. Dark brown with olive green coat, just this year’s autumn and winter two color. You can in the short velvet boots wore a pair of boots than itself to long black socks, the collocation highlights the rich layering. Velvet boots very feminine pink smoke. Collocation nine pants, let velvet boots reveal a significantly high, the United States and the United States. The mysterious purple velvet and blend together on this material have a special taste. Red wine can be arbitrary with printing, the atmosphere is charming. There is this in heel detail embellishment, make velvet boots more delicate and moving. Thick with durable and comfortable. The dark blue is also very rich in texture and beauty.相关的主题文章: