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What is the "runaway red nose"? Let the king tell you! The British "red nose" 2017 red nose day Chinese entertainment Sohu announced the launch of the world’s popular entertainment news Sohu will China! The day before, the runaway 2016 media promotion conference, go hand in hand "comic relief" announced "Red Nose Day" charity project is about to enter Chinese. The scene of the guests are encouraged to wear a red nose on the spontaneous interaction with the runaway comic relief and on behalf of the cheerful. It is understood that this interaction with a red nose has always been the red nose Festival tradition. As the 2017 China red nose section of the undertaker, runaway said, "Red Nose Day" charity activities to help more people from poverty. The main contributions to the public through the comedian’s performance form, the "red nose" has passed the "comic relief" project to more countries in the world, many countries have adopted the "authorized by the comic relief" mode to produce their own activities. Who is the red nose? Where can I find the "red nose" 28 years ago, British comedians created a "comedy relief" charity project, launched the famous "red nose festival". One day of the year, everyone is wearing a red nose out, laugh at the same time, also raise money for needy children and poor families. 28 years, red nose Festival has been one of the UK’s most important charity event, the annual event that day, BBC ONE TV will have up to 5, 6 hours of a special live program, real-time fund-raising. David Beckham, Simon Cowell, will Farrell, J K Rowling, U2 Elmar, Watson band, Bill Gates, Rowan "bean" Ai Jinsen, three British Prime Minister and others had joined the "Red Nose Day" to raise donations. "One of the founders of comic relief" and "red nose", is the famous British "surreal" "first love" directed by Richard Curtis, and the movie gathered in a large number of British famous actor, is a British comedy film masterpiece. Not only in the UK, "red nose" is also popular all over the world, Belgium, Canada, Germany and Finland have joined the "red nose" ranks. Last year, the United States also held its first "Red Nose Day", a large number of Hollywood star back at the scene, the sound for charity. The origin of the British, "red nose" has raised a total of 1 billion 800 million pounds of public funds last year fund-raising amount is reached 120 million pounds, more than fifty million people to help. At last, the theoretical physicist Stephen Hocking as "red nose", playing a wheelchair into the Transformers trick; comedy star David Woliansi and ELF Prince Orlando Bloom world record challenge, see who can gain more kisses in 30 seconds…… The stars under the support of the charity donation of more than 4 million pounds (about 36 million 900 thousand yuan). Runaway won the "red nose" exclusive "red nose" to China! As China’s largest producer of web content相关的主题文章: