Wen’s shares continued to lead the high red cited widespread concern about the whole industry chain happynewyear

Wen’s shares continued high red cited agencies concern the layout of the whole industry chain extension growth hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger on a guiding team you make you get always let you have the addiction to Cao Panfeng since last year, Wen’s shares the overall listing of you, each company’s annual report and quarterly release point, it is a beautiful performance and a high amount of dividends will lead to social capital and heat impulse. As the capital market recruits, especially breeding listed companies, can achieve such extraordinary performance, what is the reason behind it? In a number of brokerage Research Report in depth of Wen’s "successful decryption password", says a powerful supporting system under the support of "company + farmer" mode of operation, full ownership created by "sharing" spirit, to create a Wen’s success. The agency believes that the shares of the whole industry chain in the temperature of the whole industry chain as well as a huge space in the breeding industry, the success of Wen’s shares is expected to be extended. High dividend institutions recently sought after, the shares of the impact of the shock of the capital and social capital of the nerve, the performance of its beautiful still ongoing. In October 11th, Wen’s shares released three quarter results show that the first three quarters of 2016, Wen’s shares are expected to achieve a net profit of 10 billion 386 million to 11 billion 319 million, compared with 4 billion 818 million in the same period last year, an increase of 115.57% to 134.93%. Wen’s shares that the three factors contribute to the company’s performance, is the company’s main business scale steady growth; two is the company commodity pork sales prices increased significantly over last year; three is the company feed raw material purchasing price decline over the same period last year, reducing the cost of feed. In fact, in addition to the results of the beautiful, Wen’s shares also dare to continue to cash dividends, shareholders. In the middle of this year, Wen’s shares announced to all shareholders 10 shares for each distribution of cash dividend of 5 yuan (including tax), a total of more than $2 billion 100 million in cash dividends (including tax). The company’s dividend is not a whim, looking back the history of the past dividends mechanism Wen’s behavior is One principle runs through it all. Societe Generale Securities in its research report released "read:" Wen pointed out the rise of agricultural Empire, Wen’s shares in the past 5 years the average dividend payout ratio was 36%, according to the proportion and forecast 2016 profit calculation, 2016 dividend amount may exceed 5 billion. In fact, the dividend rate of the entire agricultural sector is low, the dividend rate is far higher than the industry’s dividend yield. According to Societe Generale Securities estimates, if the company dividends in 2016 more than 5 billion to the current market value of 160 billion, the dividend yield will reach $3%. After October 11th, Wen’s shares in the three quarter results notice issued, Changjiang Securities, China Securities and other brokerage research report released, said Wen’s "shares the beautiful performance, is worthy of long-term preparation of leading culture". Previously, Haitong Securities, China Securities and Societe Generale Securities have released a deep research report, interpretation of Wen’s success, and the agriculture recommended for long-term investment on large blue chip相关的主题文章: