Watch the pioneer PVE hit zombie fight difficult experience.-ca1805

Watch the pioneer PVE zombies fight: experience in hard mode Raiders recently "watch pioneer" new melee mode ", I believe that many blame in revenge" buddy already tried, people have long been difficult to model. Today I take the group several ladder scores in platinum or buddy played a few games, the best record is hit the last wave of hard mode, died in a gun at the rough skin and flesh of the. This is no way, after all, with the sense of marksmanship is limited, is not good, but failed to defeat, as the saying goes, "failure is the mother of success", following the process of the whole game with time line statement, try to facilitate coordination, avoid detours, to get through hard copy. Four position and responsibility allocation Suggestions — Mccrea: the defense left on the bridge floor two. Full view of priority control, the clean flush on the bridge left mobs, tires, help clean up the bridge remote teammates to refresh the strange, boss open after the clean-up of boss. Soldier 76: near the gate. First clean up near the door of the self soldier, to help the team to clean up the remote. Insert the blood stick to help Anna and half hidden blood, relieve the pressure on the treatment of Anna. Boss refresh or small blame too much on the rapid clearance of strokes. Half hidden: Defense on the right side of the room. Clean up the right room refresh mobs, tires, when necessary to clean up strokes on the deck of large scale centralized open monster. Anna: near the gate. The main care of the left side of the two floor of the Mccrea, remember boss refresh time, boss fast refresh when close to Mccrea, to ensure that the timely release of nano hormones in conjunction with Mccrea. Keep emergency biochemical grenades failed to point out the tire teammate. Mccrea: Dad / — Application of wheat is the key move rapidly seckill boss, boss must pay attention to the refresh time, ensure the boss refresh when strokes in hand, with Anna played super high damage nano hormone. Note read when go to avoid remote blame for the attack, Anna can be read when the key in the Mccrea, the last second shot of foot injury. 76 soldiers: strokes can be opened, if a bad shot did not hold alone (very soon destroyed tire rolling hard tires) can try to keep clean, tire. Hanzou: strokes can cooperate with clearance and consumption of blood (mad mad rats were fixed in the two floor of the platform in the face of Front Gate lost mine) Anna: nano hormone is the key of customs clearance, certain to leave Mccrea with the ultimate especially difficult mode, (different from the PVP mode, the speed is 4 strokes to save Anna people in the slowest), otherwise boss will be very difficult to play. With the nano hormone Mccrea in addition to all the boss Trooper seckill. Boss time: the time of the first boss summary: the emergence time of death 4:40 second wave boss: time 2:45 third wave boss Trooper: mad mouse 1:45 death 1:35 fourth wave boss time: 0:35 death (death after death brought lunch exit) fifth wave boss.相关的主题文章: