Wang Yancai, chairman of the China Wine Association Zhangyu quality control from the details of the misao

China Wine Association Wang Yancai: before Changyu from details reflect the quality of the control – Beijing in August 27th of the first China plus juice Wine ceremony, China Wine Association Wang Yancai came to the Changyu international Wine production center in the city to visit, small also ceremony on the same day, Wang director in the guests expressed in front of Changyu city Wine production center of praise. He said, to see the production equipment and Changyu imported from abroad in the world’s most advanced production lines, feel very shocked. Can be very proud to say that the new production center of Changyu, both from the production equipment, production scale, production technology, production efficiency, management level, which is the world’s leading, completely refresh the modern industrial brewing standards. Whether it is the center of production scale, technology, or the courage and innovation, fully embodies the Changyu company of more than and 100 years of continuous breakthrough and enterprising spirit. Zhang Yu strict control of the production center of the details of each production, the quality of the product has also been highly recognized by the director of the king. He believes that Changyu in recent years in the international market unceasingly enterprising, products have been more and more international consumer recognition, Changyu with the requirements on product quality are inseparable. Director Wang said, just like Zhang Yu to grasp the details of each link in the production of enterprises, in order to produce good quality products Wine, to make more and more international consumers we know and love Wine.相关的主题文章: