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VR who play the leading role? Gene sequencing cost Sandoval – Sohu technology [Technews] new technology wave of the Internet economy, VR (virtual reality) the wind blows, the major technology companies such as Google, Facebook, Samsung and HUAWEI are obsessed with it "". Thanks to the giant company’s push, VR technology is constantly landing, good prospects. So, the industry began to think, VR winds, after which the cutting-edge technology will become science and technology circle "? Many people in the industry believe that the future development of the potential cost of gene sequencing is large, will be replaced by VR sought after by the scientific and technological circles. Cancer "killer" in "Nemesis", "red flag" gene sequencing for "celebrity" gene sequencing refers to the blood, saliva or other fluids of DNA (gene) detection technology, its value is locked to prevent and treat early lesion gene. Modern medicine has proved that, in addition to trauma, almost all human diseases are related to genes. Therefore, the development of gene sequencing technology, far-reaching significance for the future of mankind. Human health killer cancer, for example, according to the Cancer Statistics in China, 2015, a text, in 2015 China is expected to have 4 million 292 thousand cases of new cancer cases and deaths in 2 million 814 thousand cases. Industry revealed that a large number of patients diagnosed with cancer has reached the advanced stage, so the cure rate is very low. The gene sequencing, the scenario will be rewritten. With the introduction of gene sequencing technology, the early cancer screening function, individuals can be treated in time to reduce the incidence of disease and mortality. Global gene sequencing technology subject in the medical profession is early, promote this technology "red flag" is not a medical expert, but star. For example, apple co-founder Jobs had used gene sequencing technology against cancer, Hollywood actress Angelina · Julie also have this technology, "remind" preventive resection of his breast. Angelina also reduce the risk of cancer resection of bilateral breast (Source:Flickr Cancillerí a del Ecuador CC BY 2) of course, this also reflects the limited by the high cost, only the rich can enjoy early gene sequencing service issues. A single class of genome sequencing costs down to below $1000, the popularization prospects may now, gene sequencing technology has "evolution" to the third generation, the cost is declining, the popularization prospects worth looking forward to. Public data show that in 2006 the third generation sequencing technology, single class genome sequencing costs have declined from $95 million 263 thousand in 2001 to $10 million 475 thousand, then dropped to $5000 in 2013. 2014 gene sequencing leading company Illumina launch相关的主题文章: