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Unmanned on the road, how much artificial intelligence of our lives? (pictures from the network) source: Science Chinese WeChat public, artificial intelligence has been as an independent research subject for 60 years, an academic conference at Dartmouth College in 1956 to its origin, proposed by the famous Mccarthy, the father of artificial intelligence. Experienced ups and downs, and adhere to the efforts of researchers, artificial intelligence is no longer bound in the laboratory of toys. Google’s alphago and Li Shishi’s go war, the artificial intelligence with great impact to the public. The machine gives people the impression that it is cold and without emotion. For example, in the game of go, Li Shishi will have anxiety and other emotions, but alphago will not have. Machines are not affected by the environment and affect the decision-making. This is actually one of its strengths. For example, in the increasingly fiery unmanned field, the machine will not because of subjective reasons and make some basic operational errors. From this perspective, unmanned driving is safer than human driving. In fact, as long as the breakthrough point of artificial intelligence technology, unmanned technology will change our way of life in the future. Imagine the future travel scene in the car, you only need to listen to music or take work, traffic transportation decision in order, all done by the tireless, abide by the rules of the machine. This is the goal of the development of science and technology, for human services, improve the safety and quality of human society. There is no doubt that unmanned technology will change the way we travel in the future. But to achieve this goal, there are many scientific problems need to be solved. In fact, the unmanned thoughts began as early as 1920s, 1925, Radio Corporation houdinaradio control in a car equipped with a radio receiving equipment, compiled by receiving signals, then through the electric device of car basic control. At that time in New York for the real show, from the Broadway through crowds arrived at Fifth Avenue. But this unmanned technology is not intelligent, it also needs people to control. But the thing that the concept of unmanned is not made today, but with the development of science and technology, it goes back to the people’s vision, but also give people hope, is no longer science fiction film clips out of reach. Google will be unmanned technology into a stage of rapid development, which originated in the laboratory of Stanford University. With the development of computing hardware and the evolution of artificial intelligence algorithms, the intelligent vehicles have made great progress. Although now unmanned has not entered the practical stage, however, some related technology has been highly regarded in the car, and gradually realize in production, such as automatic parking, automatic cruise and so on, these techniques make human driving experience more good, more safe. If one day, I believe it is not far in the future, unmanned technology through a number of technical bottlenecks and legal constraints, the actual application of inputs, will greatly improve people’s travel safety factor and travel experience. (Figure Nan相关的主题文章: