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Uncovering the mystery of death mother Puyi irreversible impact on Beijing Puyi life location: Beijing youth daily meeting room? 20 Speaker: Late Qing Dynasty historian Jia Yinghua the day before, the newspaper invited CCTV Lecture Room being hit "you don’t know" in the late Qing Dynasty, Pu Yi speaker scholar Jia Ying made a the lecture, and the people’s Literature Publishing House published a Book of the same name to communicate with readers. Jia Yinghua describes its historical sources and interviewed more than and 300 people familiar with the character’s experience, focus on the impact of PuYi’s mother PuYi mystery Dutch act. During the seminar the questioner in a continuous line, warm atmosphere. PuYi lived in the late Qing Dynasty, the Republic of China, the new China several times, before the reform and opening up of the new China has experienced all the major events, he is a rare, unique historical witness. Throughout the history of the world, only two personal life when the two emperor, one is Chinese Tang Zhongzong Li Xian, another is two times of emperor Napoleon, as the three emperor Puyi this life, it is with no predecessors, no latecomers. As the last emperor he, in a number of "restoration" failed, was eventually transformed into a man, then his life has never disclosed how many secrets, what the story is more close to the historical truth? He died in time? He died when only one beside him who is his son runqi Zongguang, Zongguang saw Puyi on his gold watch, it is two fifteen. The Xinhua News Agency announced the death of Pu Yi’s time is two thirty, Xinhua news can not be allowed? Later, I interviewed the leadership of the hospital and the nurse, they said that the "Cultural Revolution", the night is so messy, red guards in the big horn outside shouting, are afraid of the problem, made a phone call, we know this is a dangerous time afterwards, about half past two, Xinhua News agency reported out. Pu Yi was born in what place? Mellow infante Bei Fu Si Qian Tong East room, I found the original magazine in Japan, according to Japanese Puyi, when the puppet is not accidental, since he was born at him, to his place of birth were photographed, and file. If you understand this in detail, not only he was born in where so simple, you can see the data from Japanese early left Japanese is planned to deliberately plan to use poyi. What is he name? Many years ago, Pu Yi said that afternoon when I lecture, they said: "nonsense, have not heard of the emperor." I said: "Cao Cao is virtuous." At that time, this is not evidence, can only be a debate. But at present, Feng Pu Yi has published the diary, confirmed. Feng Huang covered a diary with Ayako two words, he at the age of more than and 50 to see feng diary, know his name at lattice. Why is it called the noon? Because he was born to account for four. First, this year is the lunar year heigo. Second, the month. In third, he was born at noon. Then the fourth, this year is the year of the horse, horse, Pu Yi, Wu Ma, this is the fourth afternoon Puyi accounted for words, so the nickname Wu ge. This is a man with the name, in the Manchu means "handsome man". The singing of the words相关的主题文章: