TOYOTA will develop advanced electric vehicle battery mileage can be increased by 15% cancam

TOYOTA will develop advanced batteries for electric vehicles can be mileage increased to 15% TOYOTA Phoenix Technology News Beijing on November 24th news, according to foreign media reports, TOYOTA said today that the company will develop a new "in the next few years, more advanced batteries for electric vehicles. TOYOTA said the company’s electric car equipped with this battery mileage and battery life up to 15%. TOYOTA said that this can enhance the performance of lithium-ion battery technology is likely to make all its electric cars have been improved. "For electric vehicles, lithium ion battery is a key technology in future was necessary to improve the technology, to further enhance its performance," TOYOTA battery technology researcher Hisao Yamashige said on Thursday. For the bright younger generation TOYOTA and other traditional car manufacturers and Tesla Motors etc., imminent performance improvement of lithium ion battery technology, because the performance of current battery technology limited car. Pure electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid vehicles and conventional hybrid electric car manufacturers are struggling to obtain or develop more advanced battery technology, to enhance its electric vehicle mileage, battery life and safety. As Japan’s biggest carmaker, TOYOTA created a hybrid vehicle technology pioneer, the company is currently preparing to launch the new plug-in hybrid Prime. TOYOTA also recently said that in 2020 to launch a pure electric car. (compile Xiao rain) to see more foreign interesting and novel technology news? That is to scan code concern outside the Language Society (micro signal: ifengwys) official WeChat bar.相关的主题文章: