To expand the scope of children’s vaccines for the winter flu pandemic in Hongkong ca1810

In order to cope with the winter flu peak in Hongkong to expand children’s vaccine funding range – Beijing, Beijing, September 19, according to Hongkong "Wen Wei Po" reports, autumn, winter approaching, mean another seasonal flu season will come. Hongkong food and health bureau chief Gao Yongwen 18, pointed out that the early and the hospital authority and the Department of health should discuss the next winter flu season, and will expand the "children’s influenza vaccine program funded by the age to 12 years of age, and revealed will intend to participate in the vaccine to more than 20 schools and private doctors were paired and guidelines. High Yongwen yesterday after attending a public event that for two years of winter seasonal flu numbers seriously in the past, and to intensify the pressure on public hospitals, so early this year has been with the hospital authority and the Department of health should discuss the next winter flu season. Gao Yongwen hopes to raise the vaccination rate this year, pointed out that last year, the trial has been the behavior of all 65 years of age or more of the people of Hongkong free or subsidized influenza vaccination program, this year will fully implement the plan. At the same time, it will also expand the age of funding for the children’s influenza vaccine funding scheme, which will increase from 6 to under the age of 12. The doctor went to school matched vaccine Gao Yongwen said, has been in contact with the medical profession and the school, there are some doctors expressed their willingness to participate in school vaccination, and participate in the school so far only more than 20. He stressed the need for frozen storage of vaccines, will be interested in participating schools and doctors to match, and provide guidance to allow them to know how to deal with the outside of the clinic and carry vaccines. In addition, the food and Drug Administration (DR) has implemented a three party monitoring platform composed of doctors, patient organizations and Legislative Council members in response to the requirements of the medical registration amendment bill. Gao Yongwen said, this platform has a preliminary suggestions, we are exposed to different stakeholders, including the newly elected members of the Legislative Council designate the medical profession Chen Peiran, expects the first meeting will be held next month, and hope to have a number of members of the Legislative Council to participate in the work platform.相关的主题文章: