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To cover "more sincerity can have a week to foul Han filial piety beauty face introduction: I believe many recent buddy are MBC two dimensional oratorio" W- world "two Shuabing, weave has recently been fed a big dog, the reason is it! Look at Han Xiaozhou and two master is really a face ah, weave the girl heart feeling is rekindled. Look at Wuli "smile" miss Han Xiaozhou’s delicate facial features and face face, with extraordinary temperament, even the girls fall in love with her. But as the bread face, can not give up on the face for ~ (source: female beauty network) "W- two" world Danger ahead! Child dog, please avoid ~ "W- two world" face not only looks Slim (it is thinner), but also by age! Han Xiaozhou still looks full of collagen soft sister ah ~ and digression or return to our business, face is indeed a very troubling thing, for example, when the camera always use hair block, or never do people catch machine when the self is not the spring, pie face did not. ~! High teacher since the MiTo, it functions to play the most incisive, the great spirit Gexianshentong, even our teachers are no exception ~ although this goose met master, embarrassed…… But the girl who can still be calm and said, we can rely on makeup ~ "clown makeup" hairdressing method before "clown makeup" hairdressing method is also in the online fire for a long time, have to say Dave can really play, weave I looked after can’t help but go back to the picture you just finished digging coal back of the Han dynasty! (I can’t love a face) I’ve been walking the longest way! Han Xiaozhou asian girls generally flat contour, pie face a lot of younger sister paper puzzle, a variety of beauties are not app can remedy! Want to see real stereo contour, contour is critical. Weave the Amway to you & post a relatively simple method only uses many ~ present popular shadow or highlight bar, learn a few tips on makeup, creating a natural three-dimensional makeup so ~ easy is turned into a small round face This matter should not be delayed., learn skills oval! Figure STEP1 steps completed makeup steps, you can start with a shadow or highlight bar painted shadows and highlights areas, such as map. STEP2 in the shadow of high light after painting, then painted blush, to a powder, can improve the durability, not easy to dissolve makeup. Shadow painting: the general painting in the lateral and frontal hair line position, zygomatic position to the chin. High light painting: general painting on forehead and brow, nose, central tear bag, cheekbones, chin, lip mountain small tips: every face may have many flaws, if too much, can finish any kinds (high light shadow) coated with concealer. Figure STEP3 steps with nasal shadow sweep loose color, at the same time can be used lightly compacted powder puff. STEP4 blush stick can also be used as lipstick, high gloss M lips after increasing the sense of abundance. STEP5 complete! Three-dimensional。相关的主题文章: