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The top of the mountain there is an immortal? Take a look at the mountains on the city actually hidden what God – Sohu travel, the mountain is not high, there is a fairy name; water is not deep, there are Long Zeling." Mountain, often reminiscent of the people, such as Wonderland, mystery and other words, the ancients believe that some of the mountain is not the world’s place, but the fairyland in the world of projection. For example, in ancient times, many Chinese believed that Kunlun Mountains is the fairy practice place, Mount Putuo, Mount Wutai is the Bodhisattva, the mountains hidden in the mysterious force. However, the more mysterious things, the more people are attracted to explore step by step. Not only the human footprint throughout the deep mountains and forests, even some mountains are still one of the upper cover of the house, built a city. A follow up ring see the mountain has what mystery. La Paz, Bolivia at an altitude of 3600 meters every morning: if you used to run in the morning, here, may have to put this hobby put temporarily. In this city of more than 3000 meters above sea level, only a brisk walk may make you gasp for breath. Instead, you can climb high, overlooking the city of clouds, or riding a cable car to enjoy the beauty of its Canyon, the nature of the ghost God union you marvel. Willing to go to the suburbs around it, Lake Titicaca is a good choice, this lake is located between Peru and Bolivia, on the shores of the lake for a walk, you can see the ruins of the ancient Inca city. Lhasa, China altitude: 3600 meters of Potala Palace is the symbol of the Lhasa skyline, the most prominent in the streets of Lhasa. In addition, a walk, can let you touch the local history and vaguely through thousands of years of civilization. Xiao Bian just a few days before the end of a week’s trip to Tibet, Potala Palace, is still the most obvious symbol of the city. It takes some effort to climb the magnificent building on the mountain. If you are afraid of poor physical strength, you can bring a bottle of portable oxygen tank, ready to oxygen on the way. On the steps of the Potala Palace, you can see many pilgrims, they have came on foot, some people do not live in the way they support by their companions with their bones to finish the pilgrimage. In addition to the Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple and the Norbulingka attractions are also worth a visit. In addition, there are a lot of economic value and medical function of geothermal hot springs around Lhasa, the hot spring song sang hot springs, doilungdegen County Mozhugongka County Tak entire Tibetan renowned. Cuzco, Peru: 3400 meters altitude here was the ancient capital of the Inca civilization. Although the Spanish invaders had the temple of the sun on the walls of gold dug, a church was built in the top of it, but now look at this temple, still feel very shocked. Saxer architecture has been unable to find the sinoman trail, but it remains on the wall still attracts large numbers of tourists left a photo with the city here. Quito, Ecuador altitude: 2800 meters in the Andes, snow perennial, hanging over the city. Quito is second only to Bolivia, the world’s second high capital La paz. The old city has many merits.相关的主题文章: