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The tongue of Kampuchea — the unique taste of Cambodia delicacy – Sohu of Siem Reap tourism Angkor Wat let the world visitors to fall in love, and Siem Reap delicacy also let visitors inviting. Color, flavor and taste, is the biggest characteristic of Siem Reap delicacy, sweet and sour fish Amok, Luzhou Cambodia, Cambodia Hot pot appetizer sour soup, let you tired after the trip satiate, the moment is full of energy! Amok Amok Amok is one of the most popular traditional Khmer delicacy, can eat in almost every restaurant in cambodia. Practice is the meat, or other material wrapped in banana leaves baking, add Coconut Juice, coconut cream, lemon leaves and local vegetables and various spices, then add ingredients cooked in coconut shell or end Sheng bowl, very local characteristics. There are different kinds of fish, chicken, beef and so on. Cambodia Cambodia Hot pot using traditional ceramic Hot pot pot, soup with herbs and spices, taste sweet, more cooking taste more fresh. Looks like China’s small hot pot, but the taste is very different. A pot of soup, a dish of beef, a dish of fresh vegetables (including a few pieces of banana, banana and so on), a small round cake, a dish of sauce, when eating meat will be placed in the Hot pot, 2 pieces of small round cakes around dip on the empty plate, until the meat is cooked, put on the cake then, put on fresh vegetables, this cake has gradually become soft, roll up after dipping to eat. Cambodia Cambodia Spring rolls similar pancake roll Spring rolls us, fresh vegetables wrapped in thin pancakes in a sauce and a Spring rolls DeepFriedSpringRoll, is our fried stuffing, dipping Spring rolls, each are not the same, the taste is very good. Pork chrouk (Bai SACH) pork rice is one of the most simple and most delicious food in Kampuchea, every morning will appear in the streets across the country. Sliced pork with slowly baking on charcoal with natural sweet. Sometimes the pork dipped in garlic juice in Coconut Juice or. Place the roast pork on a large portion of the rice, together with fresh salted cucumbers and carrots and a lot of ginger. There is usually a bowl covered with green onions and fried onion soup. Rouge Red Curry (Khmer red curry) Khmer red curry as Thailand curry too spicy, with the same Coconut Juice do bottom material but not too much in pepper. Beef, chicken or fish, eggplant, beans, and fresh Coconut Juice, lemongrass and kroeung sauce dishes. Due to the impact of French culture, Cambodian red curry often eaten together bread collocation. This dish is usually served on special occasions in Kampuchea, such as weddings, family gatherings, or religious festivals such as the festival of the dead and the Ching Ming festival. This dish is fried beef sauce, soy sauce and oyster sauce by beef stir fried, sometimes add some palm sugar. Traditionally Steamed Rice collocation to absorb honey juice, but now also often collocation of French fries or a Fried Eggs at the top. This article is edited by the seven continents, part of the text and pictures from the network. Kampuchea travel information, welcome:相关的主题文章: