The Role Of Keyword Density In

Web-Development Keyword density is one of the important thing your have to take care of while you are preparing content for your web site. Keyword density is a marker of the how many times your selected keyword appears in the page. Please keep in mind, keyword should not be over used, but it should be just enough to appear at main places. In your content you repeat your selected keywords with every other word on each n every line; then your site will maybe be discarded as a fake site or spam site, its true. Keyword density always calculated as a percentage of the content of web page. Expect you have web page including 100 words and you continue using certain keyword for 5 times in the content. Keyword density can be got by just dividing the total number of the words that appears on you page. So as here it is 5 divided by 100 the result would be .05 in answer. Keyword density can be said a ratio of the total word count on the web page, multiply the above by 100, that is 0.05*100=5%. The usual standard for a keyword density is in between 3% and 5%, to get accepted by the search engines and you should never go beyond it. Normal for keyword density is between 3% & 5%. Make sure your content is not exceeding the limit of keyword density. Consider that this regulation applies to all pages on your website. It applies to not only to the one keyword but also to a set of keywords that are related to a distinct products or services. The keyword density should always be flanked by 3% and 5%. Easy steps to check your keyword density: 1. Copy content from your webpage and paste it into a word-processing software program like MSWord or Word Perfect. 2. Press CTRL+A or move your mouse to Edit menu and click on the Select All. Now move toward the Tools menu and pick Word Count. Write down the overall digit of words in a page. 3. Now choose the Find from the Edit menu. Go to the Replace tab and type in the keyword that you wish to find from the content. Replace that word with that same word, so you do not change the text. 4. When you finish the replace role, the system will give you a count of the words you just replaced. That gives the digit of times you have used the keyword in that webpage. 5. Using the total word count from the web page and the total number of keywords in your page you can .pute the keyword density. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: