The police on duty 24 hours after the sudden stroke is still in coma zznba

The police on duty 24 hours after the sudden cerebral hemorrhage coma still pictured Zheng Junyan in cattle Shipu policing mediation after 5 men on the road caused the collision disputes. Nanfang Daily News (reporter correspondent Tao Qingqing Liu Xu) reporter 11 pm from Shenzhen Longgang Public Security Bureau was informed that about six police in a police on duty 24 hours after the sudden cerebral hemorrhage coma, as of 7 pm is still in a coma. It is understood that the 11 day at 1 pm, at the age of 50, about six of the police station Zheng Junyan value end class back home to rest, suddenly feel unwell, and vomit, his wife quickly call 120 emergency calls will be sent to the Peking University Hospital of Shenzhen for treatment, the doctor diagnosed Zheng Junyan with sudden cerebral haemorrhage, need immediate surgery. 4 in the morning, the doctor began to operate on it, after the completion of the operation in three hours. But as of 11 evening, at 7, Zheng Junyan is still lying in the intensive care room, in a coma. It is worth mentioning that this year has been fifty years old Zheng Junyan is Guangdong Longchuan County, there are 17 years of age, 14 year old police. In November 2002 from the Guangdong border armed police transferred to Luogang police work, March 2014 to exchange about six police patrol work in community. Coma before, Zheng Junyan from November 9th until early 9 when the 10 day as early as 9 for 24 hours at the police station on duty, in attending the handover meeting before returning home to rest. Editor: SN117 Kun Qu相关的主题文章: