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The old driver said the gearbox oil life free maintenance? Don’t be naive! Is the Sohu gearbox oil maintenance free? In the end how long to replace it? This is a question of a commonplace talk of an old scholar. Almost all owners know the importance of oil for the engine, but most owners do not know the importance of transmission oil and how to properly maintain the transmission oil. Often to the need for maintenance, it was found that the original gearbox repair costs are higher than the repair engine. When the oil until the deterioration of the replacement, then it is possible to change the whole gearbox. What is transmission oil? Gear oil transmission oil is usually we say that, for the transmission, used to clean and lubricate the transmission system; transmission oil is divided into automatic gearbox oil and gearbox oil, automatic transmission oil is specially used for oil automatic transmission; manual transmission oil is specially used for oil manual transmission; transmission oil will directly affect the control performance of transmission. Transmission gearbox oil has the role of oil lubrication, cleaning, rust proof, heat, gear, gear in the process of running speed, friction heat, which requires the gearbox oil to lubricate and reduce the temperature, to ensure the normal operation of the vehicle, but also in harsh operating conditions to reduce the loss of oil. How often does the transmission oil change? Manual transmission: the driver of the operation of the vehicle, the vehicle often driving road conditions, a period of time in the number of miles, determines the gear oil replacement actual cycle and mileage. In general, less than 20 thousand kilometers to replace the transmission oil is no problem, more than 20 thousand km on the need to pay attention to. As long as the gear transmission noise smooth, little change, can run; if the gear was jerky, less smooth, then regardless of mileage is 30 thousand or 60 thousand, must be timely replacement of transmission oil. Otherwise it will aggravate the friction of the gearbox, so that the vehicle into the overhaul period. Automatic transmission: transmission oil in general need to be changed every two years or 40 thousand kilometers per drive automatic transmission oil (referred to as ATF). But also because of the models, different models are not the same. On Japanese models, it is recommended to replace 4-6 million km. High speed vehicles more than 40 thousand kilometers of the proposed replacement. Not on time transmission oil: 1, no time to change the oil in the gearbox, the car will start to appear cold phenomenon in 2, not on time transmission oil in high speed and high temperature will deteriorate volatile, thereby increasing the wear of mechanical parts, serious damage to the gearbox parts inside. 3, not to change the oil in the gearbox, gearbox oil can become strong, easy to make the gearbox radiator is blocked, resulting in high transmission oil temperature, increased wear. 4, do not change the transmission oil on time, the vehicle in the course of driving a slight slip phenomenon. Recommended oil machine replace the gearbox oil if not overhaul, replacement of automatic transmission oil in two ways: one is through the action of gravity let the oil, the oil rate of about 40%, the same principle and change the oil, with a capacity of.相关的主题文章: