The new face faceless faceless alliance Singapore gaming hole

The new "face" Faceless faceless alliance Singapore gaming hole Faceless is the first match autumn Southeast Asian qualifiers in qualifying team, known as the southeast pond new overlord, in the upcoming Boston Major, which is a force to be reckoned with. Just a little less than a month of the Singapore team will be how to rise in the stadium? With CNET reporter to witness, Team Faceless won a $three million DOTA2 champion plan. The non – face struck! In a sunny island country, it would seem like a fool’s day to make a living by playing games. However, five DOTA2 professionals are gradually realize this dream. Team Faceless is a Singapore clan, they are active in the V multiplayer game DOTA2. Although the entire team was founded only a month, but they have been in Boston Major Asian qualifiers in a complete all-powerful like victory, and won in December 3rd to December 10th is the stage match qualification. The Major Team Faceless in Boston, the total prize pool reached $three million, the final winner will get $1 million 100 thousand in the bag. However, even lose in the first round of the "fry", can get a $thirty thousand minimum. But for Team Faceless, eat subsistence is not worth considering options. Unlike other veteran teams, Team Faceless does not sponsor. The rent and meals they are made by the captain, the ancient god of Daryl Koh provides three ice. This will continue until the team wins the prize. Three ice in the past three years has been in China’s major clubs, such as Ehome, VG. He has already paid more than $one million in his career as an electronic sport – which has not been included in the cost of living with the fire cat TV. To have it all, three ice could have comfortably retired, but he didn’t do it. In addition to the three ice outside, the other four players are: Team Faceless Black Wong " Singapore, Germany; NutZ" Jeng Yih and Toh " xy-" Wai Hong and Anucha" Jabz", the Thai people; Jirawong. "I am the only one in the team took the bonuses of people, other people really are shabby compared to me, especially Jabz. So we especially want to win a championship for Jabz." Three ice says. Although DOTA2 is not the world’s largest number of players in the game (in June, DOTA2 has 1300W registered players, while the league has 100 million players), but the DOTA2 game is very lucrative bonuses. It’s the annual championship – that is, the International Invitational, is electronic)相关的主题文章: