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The market? These stocks are expected to start ST plate has a hat (list) Wu Shaolong with three quarterly and annual performance forecast disclosure, ST shares in 2016 report also emerged. Market participants pointed out that according to past experience, ST plate in each year out of a lot of bull, and off star Zhaimao market is usually from the four quarter to April for the next year, and if the related stock three quarterly performance better, then the annual performance of the company will probably rate the continuation of this trend, the relevant standard therefore has improved significantly in the beginning of the three quarterly disclosure of the layout fundamentals, is the best time to participate in the joint off star Zhaimao market. 15 ST three quarterly reports to the good performance in the four quarter, to improve the performance of the ST shares gain market focus. Data show that as of October 27th closing, the existing ST plate 28 stocks disclosed three quarterly reports, including *ST, *ST, *ST, Shenhuo blackening flowers and other 15 stocks to the good performance of the first three quarters of this year, net profit is positive. Among them, *ST Shenhuo performance in the 15 companies in the first, third quarterly show, the first three quarters of net profit attributable to the parent company for 826 million yuan, and 849 million yuan loss for the same period last year. *ST said the main reason for the performance of Shenhuo, substantial losses will be received in advance of the transfer of mineral exploration right shall confirm income and take a series of effective measures, the cost dropped significantly. In addition, *ST, *ST, ST, spring flowers blackening, *ST blue, *ST and *ST, Feng Ji, ST therapy Mingke 7 shares of the first three quarters of this year attributable to shareholders of the parent company net profit of more than 50 million yuan. It is worth noting that, as of now ST plate 15 stocks released 2016 annual results notice, of which, *ST a *ST, *ST treatment, blackening, *ST blue, Jiang Feng Lu, Feng *ST *ST music, *ST lake 7 shares expected annual results will realize losses; *ST Shun ship, *ST Xinghua *ST, the grand 3 shares is expected to continued losses. St Ying fund holdings tide although ST plate off star Zhaimao benefits are very impressive, but high return must be accompanied by high risk, in buying and selling decisions, many institutions chose to quit. Branch point of view, has disclosed three quarterly ST stocks, the emergence of the public figure of the fund raised only 11, the fund of which only a reduction of 10. From the number of changes in the ratio of total outstanding shares, *ST, *ST, *ST easy bridge flowers Shenhuo, *ST hit *ST five treatment, dilute 5 shares are reducing the number of shares the proportion of more than 3%, which is 3.84% *ST bridge ranked first. The fund for the *ST Ji mounted holdings, holdings of 2 million 764 thousand and 600 shares, accounting for the proportion of outstanding shares of 0.15%. Private sun, ST, *ST, *ST Le Mingke flowers 6 ST shares appeared in their shadow. The new value of the holdings of 4 million 104 thousand and 700 shares of ST minko; Qi Han investment new *ST le 1 million 89 thousand and 700 shares; the sun private holders of the original *ST, *ST, *ST flowers Xinghu Jianfeng shares remained unchanged overall, a reduction of *ST;相关的主题文章: