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The international fan Jinhaihu, about the mid autumn festival we chant the alternate source of Sohu – Travel 85 km from the capital Beijing is also one of the scenic area is Jinhaihu, said but with private island characteristics, because Wang Feng is here to marry Zhang Ziyi has once again been hot! Here both the environment and supporting facilities are called international fan! The painting on this year has just been completed, love friends with aerial! One hotel Brown ancient Europe wind seemed calm atmosphere, low-key luxury; wall adopts Jinhaihu unique stone built, winding stairs can be seen standing in the middle of the glass house, filled with all kinds of wine; the first floor of the room area is too big to let you speechless, facing the balcony green, the lake, even here a bubble bath, also won’t have any privacy concerns. Each theme island need to book in advance, no reservation is on the island in the landscape between heaven and earth, boundless added a bit more comfortable; the other side of the lake is from around the world to the horse, round black hat, black boots, short whip, with British gentleman splitstep walk the stables and a visitor; "blood BMW", only in the martial arts novels heard of BMW stands in front of us, ask price geometry; 430 meters downhill ride over Jinhaihu, challenge collision speed and passion; fast boats, flying umbrella, bungee jumping and other entertainment facilities to the shop can ask the waiter consultation. Don’t miss the time Oh; static seat on the sawtooth cliff in the corridor, Here is the mountain breeze blowing, happy and pleased with oneself; here is the water, here is the picture, here belongs to you my fairyland; flowers in every eight months to enjoy the blooming flowers in the world; Jinhaihu 100 pot stewed fish from the Daxi River Farm original ecological ingredients fragrance overflowing; Zhang box of delicacy planet from a colorful container, it sells a variety of snacks, container painted graffiti division makes it into a cartoon world, children enjoy paradise; enthusiastic, unrestrained Cuban singer, original and heroic wa dance to welcome each a person to jinhaihu.相关的主题文章: