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The entertainment circle plump beauty A Jiao inventory – Sohu A Jiao Town Grand and magnificent aesthetic world recently made headlines because fat is really tears, after her thick legs have been suffering, did not expect the recent body fat! Have to say the day A Jiao’s choice of clothes is a failure, this dress her shortcomings completely exposed, the upper and lower body is really no bright spot. No breasts, waist to waist, and showed his strong body is not exposed to. The dark black shoes…… Too casual…… A moment and really couldn’t think of what adjectives…… The angle of the passers-by shot is thunder! A Jiao said that now is the head of a hundred pounds to the skirt out of 120 pounds of visual sense! A Jiao, Yang short to avoid long this thing is not done for the first time, earlier in the event, she is also a perfect show of his Unicorn arm, see this style or deliberately exposed the largest part of the meat… This and a SA contrast is too obvious! There is only the other…… However, the other day to attend the event is a woman who is a better Lin Chiling!!! Plump beauty Fan Bingbing Yu kylin arm in the entertainment business is far more than A Jiao, but the actress who also has its own "stick", such as Fan Xiaopang admitted his classmates really taboo wearing cut sleeveless dress, but the dress before the activities to help Fan Xiaopang "the butcher". The shape of Fan Xiaopang has been talked about everyone, our entertainment circle the most prestigious topic goddess, nearly two years of styling beauty like, but occasionally will still have this style…… You look like Fan Xiaopang’s been forced into this…… Fan Xiaopang and Li Chen, a guest of the time, said, how to cover up the arm, only to reveal the small arms of this look more thin parts of the body of the! Gong Li’s "Gong emperor" has shocked the world with aesthetic, to the Tang Dynasty beauty should be grand and magnificent… Many people will choose this perspective to cover the meat, but it is obvious that the effect is not good! Zhao Wei Zhao Wei’s body and Fan Xiaopang almost, also face meat series…… Those who cover the cover of the United States and Europe and the United States and Europe stars who do you think is most likely to have a strong arm? Kardashian? Don’t tease, you might think of her "fat", but his tag is not strong, breast fat buttock, the arm, look at this one, but people’s shoulder angle! A few days ago to attend the event, she was like a rubber man, and returned to the state of the concave convex. Let’s look at Gaga, really have to feel racial advantage ah, look at this little legs, but the face is thin, Yan value or online! There is a super woman, although the body has fat aliasing, but look at the face or almost no signs of fu! Better than PS used the thin arm method, look at our arms to lose weight is still a long way…… The butterfly arm looks beautiful, but it is not beautiful at all. In fact, the training allows the arm muscles tight, beautiful lines, but also can get rid of excess fat. Follow the teaching!相关的主题文章: