The coffee shop in Beijing lets the robot make coffee and ice cream for you even though it is not ve 9c8814

Beijing, the coffee shop let the robot to make you coffee and ice cream, although not very practical Dotcom Space is a main coffee space, located in Beijing, Zhichun Road. Here, a large number of stores and a large number of Nordic elements are used to give me the first impression. The difference with the ordinary coffee shop is that more than 40 employees in Dotcom, the vast majority of technical staff. They all belong to the company’s Dotcom, a customer lab called Bubble Lab, mainly for the life of the scene of the automation equipment R & D. The basement of the coffee shop is the main product development site for the team. Bubble Lab’s product manager, Ken, told curiosity Daily: "the team is about to develop a new product every 2 months." Mechanical arm coffee machine Bubble Lab R & D is the representative of the product of the robot arm coffee robot. Analysis of R & D personnel to use the high-speed camera to record the barista, action, then data input to the robot arm, so that it will be able to replicate the barista action, at the same time and point out the corresponding specialty coffee brewing. Ken told the "Daily" curiosity: "it is designed to coffee brewing liberated from repetitive and boring work, can focus on making the formulation, process of coffee etc.." But in the opening ceremony of the Dotcom Space, we can not see the manipulator hand coffee machine entity, it is said to be still debugging. In the Shanghai CES exhibition, the use of this machine brew 4 cups of coffee requires a min of 10. After a fresh look, the coffee robot does not seem practical enough. The mechanical arm ice cream machine I experienced at the scene is the ice cream machine, which is similar to the principle of the mechanical arm and the coffee machine. When the guest chooses a good ice cream flavor, and the machine is connected to the iPad after the completion of the scan code payment, it will automatically start work. The entire production process is about 2 min, the robot arm will be ice cream from the window to you, the whole process does not require human operation. Smart faucet is a triangular support of the spherical object is a smart faucet developed by Bubble Lab. It is connected with the water pipe on the desktop and the iPad on the desktop. On iPad, you can choose the appropriate outlet temperature and beverage types. After the water, tap the intelligent tripod can automatically clean the inner wall of the tube. In the Dotcom Space store, pay close attention to find a lot of technology elements. Some of them are independently developed by Bubble Lab, the more they are from other companies to introduce technology products. The two floor of the space is a small 3D printing wall, composed of 20 3D printers, can provide customers with a small 3D product printing services, the price of 0.8 cents. The walls of the space is equipped with smart home brand Nest thermostat controller. A domestic transformation of Nest products company, in collaboration with Dotcom Space, a China adapted fresh air system installation in the shop!相关的主题文章: