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family education | parent-child picture book tasting manual mother I hate you, but I love you more! You know what? Now I love you more than I hate. Mom, where are you? I want to see you, mom, you come back, I will make money, I will take care of you. Have you ever thought that it would be in the heart of a child? From a very young age, we will sing "the world is only a good mother, a mother’s child like a piece of treasure, into the mother’s arms, happiness can not enjoy! In the world only the mother is good, does not have the mother the child to be like the root grass, leaves mother’s bosom, where does happiness look?" But in fact, now more and more left behind children, this song is deeply hurt their young hearts! More than four months of the baby when the little baby left behind truly experienced the body heart in Cao Ying Han eighth feeling… I have to return to work, the baby grandma did not want us to come to Dongguan. No way, can only put my little baby in the home. Now every day to go to work the first action is to open the space to open her daughter’s album to see a few times to have the mind to work. Look at the calendar to calculate the date of home every day, oh… It’s hard to call home every day. My baby said that I was too cruel, so small baby left side, for life is not no way. Kiss someone like me in? Have let the children become left-behind children in fact, none of the parents do not want to deliberately and children together, if say each have, for different reasons, and below two mum represent most probably the reason parents’ ideas! My husband and I are working outside, and sometimes where the site, where people go, really have no time to take care of the child, had to let her daughter back home. Most of these parents are not well-off families, in order to let the children have a better life, they have to earn money everywhere, there is no condition of her mother, and then they live together, so can only send their children back home! I do not want to separate from the child, but my husband and I have to go to work, her mother would not want to live in the city, had no choice but to send their children home! These parents may have a decent job, but is not wealthy enough to please nanny or mother to resign at home, so it had to allow the elderly to help take care of the children, especially the children before school! But many elderly people may not be accustomed to living in the city or in the home because they do not want to busy things and their children live together, and finally the parents can only compromise, the child back home! Stay in the years, not only will change the child’s appearance, but also to change the child’s character! Like all parents work outside the home, the couple had a Xiaowen small business family in Shenzhen, due to the inability to also take care of the two daughters, only the 2 year old daughter back home. Even if the couple will give their children every day相关的主题文章: