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Teacher’s day teacher teacher face robbery students gifts topic into a new network – the object of criticism in the teachers’ Day is the glory of teachers’ day, this day, they should feel at ease and enjoy and accept sincere greetings and congratulations from all sectors of society. However, every teacher’s day, teachers are also faced with the teacher robbery". This group of teachers, often because of the topic of student gifts into the subject of criticism. Objectively speaking, there is previous student gifts (actually parents gifts) and teachers while the teachers’ Day gifts phenomenon, and even individual students and parents gifts. And usually some bad phenomenon with, such as paid extra lessons not only increase, the burden of the parents, but ruined the whole image of teachers. On the other hand, the individual phenomenon through the media, but also affect the social public opinion. Originally the mainstream and should be paid more attention to the most hard, honest teachers, and the teachers’ day of the mind, but in the "noise" is a lot of people thrown into the "forgotten corner", people can not help but confusion and regret. Because of this, we should reflect on: what is the significance of teachers’ day? What is the best gift for teachers’ day? Needless to say, has not the slightest change of the teacher’s purpose is to affirm the teachers for the development of the education fundamental industry of national rejuvenation with hard, raise awareness and evaluation of teachers’ contribution to the cause of education. Even a few unscrupulous teachers contrary to morality events in the teachers’ Day is not condemned, but don’t forget that most of our teachers are good, or good, or hard or need to be tireless in teaching others, social recognition and praise, this is the mainstream and the main melody. We can not because of a few discordant notes, deny, cover up, forget the hard work of all teachers and credit. Thankfully, this year’s teacher’s Day is coming, whether traditional media or network, since the media are unanimously downplayed "(teachers) gift" topic, which helps to make teachers’ day return to the original in peace: let students voluntarily consciously choose to respect and gratitude to the teacher. At the same time, society, government and media should pay attention to "down", focusing on rural teachers, affected teachers, retired veteran teachers, poor teachers and staff family members killed on duty of these "special groups" to solve those students can not solve the problem, let them feel the gratitude and love from the society. Thanksgiving and love, is the teacher’s Day gift to the teacher!相关的主题文章: