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The Swiss fighter plane close to the Russian response to events: just a routine practice for the original title: the Swiss Military aircraft approaching the Russian plane incident to explain the Xinhua news agency in Geneva on 19 November, (reporter Shi Jianguo Nie Xiaoyang) Swiss army spokesman Daniel Ruisite 19 on the Swiss Military aircraft approaching the plane flew over the Swiss airspace of the Russian media event to explain that this is just a routine practice. Once said, the Swiss Military is often accompanied by other governments across the Swiss airspace aircraft, not for a specific country. He said, in general, the Swiss Army opportunity through radio and contact each other, but in radio contact is not smooth, military pilots will contact each other through the other way. According to Russian media reports, Russian Ilyushin -96-300 plane 18, equipped with Russian President Putin and members of the delegation of the Moscow Kremlin reporter group went to Peru to attend the informal meeting of APEC leaders, on the way in Swiss airspace by a Swiss aircraft tracking. One aircraft from the Russian aircraft are very close, can not only see the tail on the Flag of Switzerland, number of aircraft, pilots can even see the face. Swiss fighter has been flying to the Swiss border with france. Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Zaha Lo Va, 19, said the Russian side in the near future to wait for its fighter jets in Switzerland to explain the incident, and will respond in a corresponding manner. Editor: Wei Jun相关的主题文章: