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The stealth clothes so expensive how much car is necessary to post how to properly maintain the paint paint transparent protective film we also called stealth clothes, are generally the size of materials and models according to how much to charge. It is a film of gold inch. The top of the famous brand TPU brand of stealth car clothing material prices generally around 1.5W-2.5W, PVC material prices generally around seven thousand or eight thousand. Compared with other film, invisible car clothing really is a kind of automobile decoration products expensive, some riders think it necessary, but some people feel is not worth it, as the daily waxing to reality. That in the end is not worth it? Xiao Bian is here to chat with you. The value of the original car paint just at the factory, paint surface after high temperature baking paint, and the iron surface completely fit. Coupled with the spray clean environment, sprayed out of the original paint can not see the impurities, and the hardness of the high side, more often almost no color difference, the use of a longer life. But in the days after the process of re painting, many owners will encounter some problems, such as color, scratch easily after injury and impurity problems such as paint. Compared to other parts of the original paint, re spraying non original paint is not satisfactory. The domestic second-hand car trading more and more at present, many owners want their vehicles can be estimated at a higher price when the replacement vehicle, the first factor in assessment of second-hand car is to see whether it is the original paint, the original paint and non original paint in the second-hand car value is 10%, so the original paint is worth far more than you can imagine. Why to say that the stealth clothes save money to buy a new car, the first choice is to paint care, this leads to the common market, crystal coating, plating, glazing, waxing and beauty care. Can be calculated as follows: 1 million of the value of the car, 5000 yuan annual beauty care costs, service life is 5 years, in the face of vehicle scratching, general owners are choosing to use insurance claims processing, but many people do not know, every year the number of insurance claims more than second years, the premium will rise. Is calculated as follows: every year 13000 yuan car damage insurance claims two times a year, the following year, increased by more than 20%, use 5 years so that you can calculate a simple, a car for 5 years, the essential use in car care to spend nearly 40 thousand yuan. Invisible car clothes this thing is not cheap, buy fake is even worse! Imported car clothing materials are TPU material, this material toughness is very good, with the function of automatic repair, life is very long. It will not fall off, this can be assured, and this thing warranty 5 years -10 years, there are electronic security card. So count down, in fact, feel more cost-effective car clothes.相关的主题文章: