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Southern Kunshan Genting spa, health spa, comfortable life. Sohu travel [luxury configuration, enjoy the extreme] relaxed weekend where to go? To the Tropic of natural oxygen " — South Kunshan, to breathe the fresh air, and then a "beauty soup" spa, enjoy a comfortable life. South Kunshan Genting spring is located in south of Huizhou city Kunshan scenic national 4A level scenic area, known as " tropic Tianranyangba " South Kunshan national Forest Park is located in the southeast, the geographical position is superior, the traffic is very convenient: the " high speed " Guanghe; Yong Han export only 3 kilometers away from Guangzhou, Zengcheng, Dongguan, Heyuan City, only 50 minutes by car, only 80 minutes from Shenzhen, Foshan, Zhongshan city. Southern Kunshan spa Genting to 72 degrees " pure natural beauty soup; " fluoride spa, combined with the Bali Island architectural style Southeast Asian flavor, is an ideal tourist resort, business meetings and health. Over 1300 square meters of landscape hall magnificent, standing in front of the waiter, at any time for your arrival of caring services to you. The western restaurant brings together all the countries in the world with delicious taste, exotic flavor, full of elegant and romantic western restaurant to bring you not only delicious, more enjoyment and joy, taste life at the moment. Decoration luxury private dining rooms. Genting resort has more than and 300 rooms, spacious and comfortable, elegant, concise color, simple decoration, stay here, enjoy beauty soup (NATURAL) hot spring water. Unique open viewing balcony will be introduced into the indoor outdoor beauty, allowing you to feel the natural atmosphere outside the window while enjoying the beauty of luxury. [], all kinds of hot springs, Genting beauty spa covers an area of about 20 thousand square meters, the water temperature reaches 72 DEG C, hot water from the depths of the mountains, clear spring water, sunrise amounted to more than 3 thousand tons, rich in radon, fluoride, calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium and other beneficial minerals and trace elements beneficial to human health health care, a significant effect. South Kunshan area and is equipped with the dynamic hot spring spa Genting outdoor dynamic spa. Look at this solemn commitment, is not to worry about not really hot water. The hot spring area is clearly marked, so you can find the hot spring project. The dynamic hot spring area mountain valley and built, consisting of indoor and outdoor areas, hot spring bathing pool mountain foot winding construction, convergence of designer’s unique style of Bali Island southeast philosophy, in the nature of the scattered clear. I personally like this kind of design according to nature and nature, simple and natural, and nature. Revel in the beauty of the mountains, enjoy the natural hot springs bring the cozy. The green plants for the barrier, stone material design to highlight its natural and ecological concept, summer shade, the winter wind, but also has some privacy, smelling the fragrance of flowers, listening to music, there are flowers and birds and the nature of the sound of breathing, eyes closed, to calm down, all empty. Really.相关的主题文章: