Sichuan trust Jin Hui series of products step on mine coinwatch

Sichuan trust Jin Hui series and another product step on the exposure of the thunder Sina fund platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! In the stock market last year began in the earthquake, the fall has not been fully dispersed. Four Sichuan investors trust a mezzanine securities products "Jinhui No. 19", in June last year invested 10 million 500 thousand yuan, the thought that after a year can get 10.5% of revenue, but to the two quarter is the principal and interest to honor the news. It is understood that this is named "Jinhui 19 securities investment capital trust scheme products was established in June last year, just in the bull’s tail, then the stock market plummeted, to January this year, Sichuan trust announced last the net value of the product is only 0.7686. According to the product structure, Jin Hui 19 in order to give priority to: mezzanine: after the form of =9:1:2 to raise $126 million. Priority funds 94 million 500 thousand yuan, from the Sichuan trust own funds; investors as a natural person investment mezzanine, principal of $10 million 500 thousand; poor rear invested $21 million and served as investor representatives, securities investment. The product has three warning lines, according to the contract, Sichuan trust should be in the net value of the product fell to 0.91 when the opening stop. But the Sichuan trust did not strike, resulting in four natural person investor funds suffered losses. In this regard, the Beijing Business Daily reporter called the relevant person in charge of Sichuan trust, the other did not answer. One insider said, "Jinhui No. 19" by special sunshine private equity fund operation, Sichuan trust is only as a channel, and in the sales process, Sichuan trust has informed the customer risk and the signing of the agreement, the customer awareness of products may lose everything. It is said that the Sichuan trust has filed a lawsuit against the property before the investors to sue the property preservation and litigation, and seizure of its assets, this lawsuit was on trial in September 6th. It is worth mentioning that, Jin Hui 19 is not the only step on the Sichuan trust thunder products. At the end of last year, Sichuan trust "Jinhui No. 12" has also appeared in a crisis, the product is bought technology holding stock, which shares a few days fell 40%, Sichuan trust is therefore refers to buy pinch points too, the investment and risk control ability is also being questioned. The insider said, Sichuan trust active management of all products are pools of funds projects, mainly in debt based investment, there is no case of deferred payment. Intended to respond to questions. In fact, the beginning of last year, the stock market fell so many securities trust products have suffered heavy losses. Only during the last 7-9 months, there are more than 10 trust companies issued securities products ahead of liquidation notice, which is a product of the Western trust losses up to 63%. Jin Hui 19 in July 17th last year, the net was also down to 0.9371, followed by a rebound in August 14th and then to the end of. Trust is not easy to verify compliance with the operation of the company, buy or sell records can be traded on the securities account to prove the flow, the difficulty lies in the design of the net相关的主题文章: