September first suite of mortgage interest rates continue to stabilize the average number of banks i

September first suite of mortgage interest rates continue to stabilize the average part of the bank to cancel the mortgage offer Sina fund exposure platform: the letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, Xi’an fund is how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! China Daily reporter recently from third party data agency was informed that from the national average interest rate loans first suite trend, the first suite in September the national average interest rate of 4.44%, and last month, continue to stabilize. Compared with 4.91% in September last year, a decrease of 0.47%. In the monitoring of the 35 cities, the average interest rate is the lowest in Tianjin, the highest for the of 4.95% in Urumqi. As far as Xi’an is concerned, in September, some banks in Xi’an canceled mortgage concessions. China Daily reporter inquiries found that last year, the national preferential interest rate accounted for 59.25%, after the discount rate accounted for continued growth, the preferential interest rate accounted for 85.74%, down 0.35% from the previous month, the first decline. From the first suite of interest rate preferential terms, the month of the 533 banks, 10 percent off banks have the following preferential interest rate of 155, down 1 from last month, accounting for 29.08%, the highest rate for Beijing Huaxia Bank and Urumqi Pudong Development Bank, the implementation of the benchmark interest rate on floating 10%, of which 128 banks provide 15% off preferential interest rates of 13 banks offer 12% off discount rate, 5 banks offer a 18% off interest rate. In addition, 228 banks offer a preferential interest rate of 10 percent off. In terms of Xi’an, compared with August, the majority of bank mortgage interest rate policy in line with September, but there are some banks canceled mortgage concessions. In this regard, Wang Mengsheng, an analyst at 360, said in September, the first suite of preferential interest rates for the first time, the decline in the chain of different cities, different preferences, which is related to the price of each city. While the national mortgage interest rates fell for the first time means that the bank’s interest rate concessions to the lower limit, the follow-up may be tightening concessions. Xi’an Qujiang City, a nonlocal brand developers, and they currently ICBC, BOC, CCB, bank and other banks have cooperation, according to the customer qualification, minimum may apply to the first mortgage discount 10 percent off. The situation is not the same as the real estate." Zhang Jiwei, President of the Xi’an Chain Research Institute said that the bank will generally according to the cooperation, and the sale of customer evaluation to give the loan interest rate, the benchmark interest rate is the most common, "are unlikely to tighten or loosen the future." In stark contrast, the real estate leverage is growing. Central bank recently released August financial statistics report, last month, 948 billion 700 million yuan of RMB loans increased, of which individual housing loans grew by $528 billion 600 million, accounting for more than 55.72%, becoming the main credit growth. Wang Mengsheng analysts said that China’s rapid rise in the leverage of the residents, the government is now the main task of the city because of the implementation of policies, control of land prices, the establishment of an effective mechanism to curb investment demand, to solve the rigid demand. Zhang Jiwei said that the development of the real estate market in Xi’an has been relatively stable, this year, the property market has not followed the trend of inflation, plus相关的主题文章: