September cool to play popular tourist Raiders (Figure) icesword

September cool to play popular tourist Raiders (map) recommended Jiuzhaigou Jiuzhaigou colorful pool panoramic scenic summer for map aspect: the famous Jiuzhaigou, every summer is full of tourists in the summer resort, scenic spots will be issued from time to time limit off notices, visible how popular. A scenic summer like a green a wild profusion of vegetation, the Kingdom, silver curtain like falls to express the most wanton passion in one year. Many parents will take the children into the school by the way to the Tibetan collectors, the western suburbs of Chengdu City, Sichuan Museum "play cook", parent-child joint tour trip to the summer tour of Jiuzhaigou "high fever". When the season of play: say Jiuzhaigou is the most beautiful China thick and heavy in colours of autumn, perhaps not too much. From mid September to early October in Jiuzhaigou, is the most beautiful in the world and enjoy the autumn color occupied, the best way is to walk along the forest road, all the way to enjoy the golden Reed Sea, sparkling tree group sea and broken jade like Pearl Beach waterfall. Five flowers is a big bright spot. Can be round to five on the west side of the sea cliff, five color flowers. Surrounded by five flowers on the hillside, yellow, green, and red leaves are intertwined, silhouetted against the shore of the wood color forest and under the water and plants, between heaven and earth like knocked over the color, beautiful can not square thing. While the five flowers habitat for rare birds and fish, can also attract the eye. In order to better appreciate the beauty, you can choose to live in the scenic area, compared to the summer, at this time the housing is more abundant, reception conditions will be better. During the day, you can enjoy the outside through the window of blue sky and white clouds, colorful forest fluttering; in the evening, in the mood of the bar and taste Roasted Whole Lamb, highland barley wine, enjoying the time; also can be in the hotel spa, relax, enjoy the holiday paradise. The reference line [western]: drunk about autumn fairy tale world Jiuzhaigou renjianyaochi Leshan Chengdu flying 6 days 5699 yuan (Nanhu) in late August September, the autumn can plan up. You can focus on July and August the most popular domestic tourist destination, because these views in the popular summer destination, Yan value will continue to fall mostly, and show more rich color in summer and autumn. At this time the crowd has receded more than half, can comfortably slow travel, wandering, cool to play the whole journey. Recommend Huangguoshu Waterall Huangguoshu Waterall Ding Haixia photo summer summer rainy season in July and August aspect: Huangguoshu Waterall, water for the whole year of the most spectacular scenery, is a good place for the southern summer. Usually is the most popular ornamental waterfall Huangguoshu Waterfalls and doupotang waterfall. Season play: the fall of Huangguoshu Waterall begins around mid September. Huangguoshu Waterfalls, the temperature stability of an invigorating autumn climate, rainy summer than less water, slightly weakened, but until November in the dry season, therefore, the waterfall is still stirring, a bit less majestic, but some more Xu Xiumei. The Huangguoshu Waterfalls falls as the core, the size distribution of the 18 different waterfalls, forming a waterfall, which is the biggest drop drop waterfall pool, the longest beach snail bank waterfall, shape)相关的主题文章: