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S6 race 3 seed who? WE IM and > > promotion situation analysis; > > > > click to enter the LOL five anniversary ifeng.com eSports project < < < < < the game will be the last global finals qualification seed is WE, after a lapse of three years to return to the S finals stage is AJ realize his promise, with IM to the S6 finals? The summer season regular season road season after comparative analysis of IM road speaking of IM, you may not have the impression, but the team members must have seen. They are the original LPL overlord EDG substitutes in the lineup, and later was recruited to play LSPL league. IM was originally a EDE team, that is, EDG’s two team. After winning the 2016LSPL spring tournament champion LPL, then the team was bought by a gangster, renamed I May clan. The regular season ranked by the original cast composed of the IM and unlike other LPL from the EDE team before the promotion team, they don’t need the adaptation period, inherited from the big brother EDG where the system and learning style to let them in the league. Summer season at the end of the regular season, IM team scored 9 wins and 7 losses in the League record of fifth, successfully qualify for the playoffs. Come to the playoffs, the first round is staged 3:0 zero seal veteran team IG, the second round 3:1 defeat the Snake gain victory with unstained swords. Come to the semi-finals they will face is called the Milky Way battleship RNG clan, before they are not optimistic, but they almost staged Jedi drama, the first four games and RNG game 2:2, only one point will be the big brother and realignment finals in summer. No one can expect that this situation has been just before the game, from the LSPL promotion team into the playoffs up can not say, is a dark horse in the end only LPL road beat veteran teams in the semi-finals, to this can also put the RNG clan forced into it. Have to say, they are very inspirational. To BO5 the last, wake up the RNG team with Mlxg in the crazy invasion made IM struggling to cope, from the beginning of the line is gradually widening disadvantage, so that their biggest advantage and operation ability play group did not get to play, finally fell in the finals. IM playoffs lost to the RNG team did not let them get lost, but inspired their morale. They are so strong, perhaps not many fans, but the outside world is changing their views. Runner up battle, the opponent is the WE clan, which boasts 60E fans, from the audience on the number of fans and shouting, you can clearly see their supporters and opponents than the poor. In the wild cries of the audience in them to lose the first game, but they had three straight sets defeat WE third. From the LSPL LPL to get through to the third grade, it is beyond all expectations. The most fun than before the 55 single, because IM hidden for a long time he is the boss behind the scenes. From the hidden and not to blockbuster, this is IM, which is 55!)相关的主题文章: