Rapyuta robotics financing $10 million, the robot will become a reality windjview

Rapyuta Robotics: financing $10 million, will become the reality of the cloud robot recently, intelligent robot startups Rapyuta Robotics announced a $10 million A round of financing, led by the investment company SBI. SBI is one of the major financial investment companies in Japan, has also been involved in the seed financing Rapyuta Robotics (the financing of the company led by Cyberdyne). Rapyuta Robotics co-founder and COO Arudchelvan Krishnamoorthy said: we are very pleased to be able to establish further contact with SBI. In the course of our development, SBI has been helping and supporting us. In addition, Rapyuta Robotics with the Zurich Institute of Applied Science and technology, cloud computing application information technology laboratory laboratory, and received a $500 thousand funding support from the Swiss government. So far, Rapyuta Robotics currently total financing of $13 million. The company plans to use most of its funds to actively expand its team of engineers, while using some of the funds to further expand the scope of business, improve its sales and market efficiency. Then, the investment companies favored by all what is backing? Today, Xiaobian for everyone 818 this start-up company. The cloud will become a reality in the August Lei Feng robot network (search for "Lei Feng" number of public concern) at the CCF-GAIR summit, as the CEO of science and technology, national people plan distinguished experts and former China Mobile Communications Research Institute president Huang Xiaoqing issued a "cloud intelligent robot" speech, he is such a definition of cloud robot: macro understanding is the robot’s brain into the cloud, and then use the network to a robot body, which is the robot into three parts, the robot’s brain in the cloud, the neural network robot into the mobile communication network, and then the robot body into a Afanda, so the formation of a cloud robot. The concept of Rapyuta Robotics and Huang Xiaoqing’s cloud robot concept fit: the cloud can be connected to the mobile automation machine embedded in human life, make life more intelligent. In this way, the manufacturing cost of the robot is not only greatly reduced, but also the computing power required for operation is improved. Not only that, Rapyuta Robotics also plans to intelligent robot brain embedded in UAV development. Rapyuta Robotics describes the cloud robot concept: let us imagine a robot: they can collect information from the environment, and can share information in the cloud and companions; they can learn from each other, can communicate with the world; they will share the work environment and we interact tirelessly and they can improve our environment; we use the efficiency.相关的主题文章: