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Home-and-Family Polyvinyl chloride or the PVC curtains are an excellent barrier to control loss of temperature and prevent the entry of dust particles, pest and excessive sound in an area. The thermal conductivity, compression strength, resistance and yield strength of PVC rolls make them the most effective insulated curtains for a variety of industrial applications. Some major benefits associated with the use of PVC thermal curtains may be listed as follows: Reduction of heat or cold air loss from an area Restriction of dirt and dust particles, smoke, fumes and other pollutants in the area Prevention of disturbance due to noise from a machine operating nearby Increase in comfort of employees working in the premises The PVC curtains are strong, durable and do not require much maintenance. They are readily available in multiple sizes and the rolls may also be cut to suit specific individual requirements. Polar PVC curtains can maintain a temperature of as low as minus 40 C. Such low temperature insulated curtains are designed for both interior and exterior applications. They help to improve shelf life of products without inhibiting their appeal and also reduce coil icing. The colour of PVC curtains may be chosen as per application. A light amber colour has special anti insect property and a glare reducing impact. The amber tint of curtain is perceived as black and opaque by insects. With this screen in between, they are not even attracted to the lights located inside a facility. The denser and stronger thermal curtains also control the intrusion of ultra violet rays and welding sparks in the enclosed area. PVC insulated curtains can be installed with a hook on, bolt on or sliding system. The hook on system is generally used for smaller applications, in pedestrian access and food preparation areas. The aluminum bolt on system is appropriate for heavy duty application, larger openings and places where use of vehicles and fork lift trucks is frequent. The sliding system is practical for even larger openings where curtain free access is often required. PVC Curtains Direct is an online store, specializing in sale of premium insulated PVC curtains and strips. The rolls are available in many sizes for proper fitting against doors and windows of different sizes. For quality PVC rolls that suit your purpose, visit: www.pvccurtainsdirect.com About the Author: 相关的主题文章: