Plum blossom angel Wu Shichun Unicorn entrepreneurs must have 4 qualities nlite

The angel Wu Shichun: 4 quality hunting cloud network reported in August 29th the unicorn entrepreneurs must (Wen Zhao Xinyuan) recently, the MC venture DreamWorks 1000 investors for China (Tsinghua University station) and MC China angel investment club briefing, Wu Shichun made a speech. In his view, a unicorn unicorn and unicorn pigs, a tiger can find their own food in winter, they can forage. The pigs stop giving money soon become dead. How to find unicorn, Wu Shichun more emphasis on human factors: the value of a business, more than 90% of the team, a team of more than 80% of the value of the founder of the body. Find the unicorn, not to say the discovery project, is to find a good founding team or find a good CEO. He also said that in a variety of resources to connect, is a good thing to do a good investment. Because you have only become a super node small circle, will it be possible to get investment projects, good projects in the small circle inside away. Investors in addition to find them, but also to help them, entrepreneurs to maintain a mutual achievement, the relationship between adults. The following is the main content of Wu Shichun’s speech: today I would like to talk about a topic "the secrets of investing in Unicorn". Some time ago I made a circle of friends, said the appreciation of the business model is divided into three kinds, the business model is also divided into three kinds of investors. To really make money, for a fund, especially for the early investment fund, if not basically equal to the white unicorn. Cast no unicorn, there is no possibility of listing, mergers and acquisitions in China is not a particularly common exit, endorsement is not high. Basically if not vote in the equivalent of white unicorn. For investment, the most important is that each fund which hit a unicorn or hit two unicorn. Hit a unicorn basically can put funds earned back, hit two unicorn, may be several times the return of funds. If you hit more than three of the unicorn, the fund returns will become TOP in this industry inside. In my opinion, the unicorn is a unicorn and a unicorn, and the tiger can find food in the winter. The pig is two hundred or three hundred pounds tall, stop giving money soon become dead. From 2014 to 2015 a lot of so-called Unicorn likely will become dead, not their hematopoietic capacity, and may even do a few years scale too large, may not at this stage before BAT, once on the stage so far, it is easy to be BAT. In some cases we cast, the first one is the big head, the return on investment is more than one thousand times; cast honey bud baby, sing, fun staging, worry free, electric car, pure Dallas City, many of which are Liangsanbaiyiyi years of water, these are able to develop into the unicorn or is the unicorn the beast inside most projects, many companies have been profitable. Profit is the difference between the unicorn and the unicorn, the difference between their own blood and profitability, can survive in the winter. Finding the unicorn is a good thing for us to discover, CEO.相关的主题文章: