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Sports-and-Recreation Getting Married on Vegas Vacations An increasing number of weddings are being held in Las Vegas every year for the past few years. The city is a popular site for wedding ceremonies partly because the only requirement is a license that you can purchase at the downtown Clark County Marriage Bureau from 8am until midnight, including holidays. At the Office of the Civil Marriages is where some couples get married after purchasing a license or they can say their vows, anywhere they like. If you love Old Las Vegas, you cant get any more vintage than the Wee Kirk o the Heather for your Las Vegas wedding. Opened in 1940, Wee Kirk o the Heather is Las Vegas oldest continuously operating wedding chapel. Their packages may include services of wedding coordinators, photographs, videos, boutonnieres, attendants bouquets, and use of dressing rooms, non-alcoholic sparkling wine and so much more. A Vegas Vacation can be a time for you to get married if you really want to tie the knot with your special someone. Purchasing Goods in Vegas Vacations Shopping is one of the things many people look forward to during their Vegas Vacations because there are a vast number of shopping establishments in the city. You can find shopping malls just minutes from the Las Vegas Strip, Downtown and convention center which features a lot of shops, services and eateries. Perhaps the biggest shopping destination on the Strip is the Fashion Show which features a lot of signature department stores and more than two hundred fifty shops and boutiques. Caesars has an expanded Forum Shops that has three levels of rotunda up to the Las Vegas Strip and there is a list of upscale, luxury shops and restaurants that widens its appeal as the citys premiere spot for an unbelievable shopping experience and fine dining. A luxury shopping center with superior shops, famous restaurants and lovely nightlife is what The Grand Canal Shoppe at the Venetian offers situated at the heart of the Venetian. Climate for Vegas Vacations You can find sunshine all throughout the year in Las Vegas, usually hot and dry during summer and with gentle winters. From July until August, at the height of its summer, temperature usually reaches more than one hundred degrees Fahrenheit or thirty eight degrees Celsius. Cooler than the usual are their winters, bringing cold winds all throughout the night with 60 degrees Fahrenheit or 16 degrees Celsius during the day and 40 degrees Fahrenheit or 4 degrees Celsius during the nights. During winter from January to March, there can be few rainfalls. The spring is ideal for many people who came to Las Vegas for a convention or to enjoy the casinos. The temperature usually drops faster in fall. It is therefore pleasingly warm in spring and fall, July and August has higher temperature and winter can be colder but not as cold as those of most cities in the United States. For the weather in Las Vegas, you should first do some research for a more enjoyable stay and for you to know what time and season fits your needs and interests for a Vegas Vacation. Golfing on a Vegas Vacation When it .es to a Vegas vacation, golfing is one thing you can try and enjoy. Huge resorts, lavish spas, astounding golf courses, famous entertainment, indulgent shopping, lively nightlife, dining options and extravagant casinos are some of the things you can look forward to in Las Vegas. The city used to be home for wild horses and miners and is now offering golfing options for those travelers who love to play golf and would like to stay away from the glittery Las Vegas Strip. Las Vegas is still the leading spot for any golf destination in Nevada in spite of having several golf locations like Mesquite, Primm Valle, Paiute, Reno and Lake Tahoe. You can find more than 60 daily-fee golf courses in the greater Las Vegas area; some of those are the most famous in the United States. Golf courses ranges from lush man-made paradises that rivals the city’s celebrated casinos for their ability to encase every aspect of the experience into the illusion they create, to astoundingly dramatic desert courses that present players with shot values that would be impossible anyplace but Las Vegas. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: