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Pig: bus user value is to dig inexhaustible treasure – Sohu of science and technology in 2016, the media, business talk about the most is the rise of China’s middle class and the accompanying changes in consumption upgrade, the biggest difference is that the middle class is rich, no longer meet the past for the product function of consumption, but more money go to the pursuit of brand consumption and even emotional consumption, this is the main argument about the upgrading of consumption society. May wish to change a point of view, in fact, now the commercial society especially the change of Internet enterprise attention hitherto unknown user needs, the user will be placed in the hitherto unknown height, some enterprises even suggested users who have the market rules of the game, is the era of the Internet is changed, the user value becomes particularly important. If you want to gain commercial interests, we must first consider how to create and create user value, which is the rules of the Internet game. People also need to travel, especially intensive travel, such as commuting. Since the Guangzhou Shenzhen white-collar commuting problems and criticized for the people, "the early peak" has become a synonym for congestion unbearable. The traditional public transport only meet the most basic demand for travel, they just need to sit on the train from A to B, although the car environment, such as crowded filthy has been criticized, but incapable of action only reluctantly accepted, basic travel conditions no longer meet their growing demand for travel, not crowded more comfortable and efficient travel, why not accept it, the potential demand into a dominant demand, has become a pain point needs. Internet bus happens to be the best choice for white-collar travel upgrade. The car was crowded, no seats, time-consuming and laborious, the Internet bus just to solve these problems and meet the different needs of users, such as the Internet bus bus in the car pig benchmarking enterprises to provide users with breakfast service, on the one hand, greatly reducing the user cost of travel, on the other hand to provide additional service for the user. Users in the past criticized and fears because of the emergence of the Internet and the bus does not exist, such as downloading pig bus APP or WeChat public number, select the appropriate route, a ticket, the user only needs to enjoy the convenience and service to users; more and more in the discourse and dominant contingency, customer-oriented the bus is well adapted to a new generation of consumer groups, consumer demand to upgrade. Pig bus line responsible person said, "first conduct market research for a user before the line opened to clear user demand and in-depth analysis of the needs of potential users, and then assess the depth of optimal solution, inspect dispatch personnel to conduct field lines of the site, to determine the route and site after the establishment of WeChat communication group, real-time feedback the users and make timely adjustment, quick trial and error, small run, so as to continuously improve line management, establish a management mechanism." The user experience is not the end, there is a view that all peers are creating time value to the user, you will find the key to the end user experience is. There are a lot of Internet business model, we have to do is increase相关的主题文章: