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About Copenhagen N a question, the answer here – tourism Sohu last week, we invited the Copenhagen Tourism Bureau micro-blog @ @ Copenhagen blogger Dan you ask I answer in the WeChat group introduced his understanding of Copenhagen for us. Serious Dan for this period of online sharing will be fully prepared, each answer is detailed and smooth. In his magnetic voice, each involved in the sharing of friends will feel the unique cultural temperament of Copenhagen, but also from the subtle details of the understanding of the reasons for Copenhagen to become livable city. Sharing will be exciting and informative, after a group of friends have said many things, but the voice is too fast, small books write less, so mu Creek has compiled a "notes", to share with you: about Dan – Dan – born in Denmark, China returned to the primary school and middle school, high school and later returned to Denmark the University, then work in denmark. At present, half of them are in Beijing and the other half in denmark. Dan work in the Copenhagen Tourism Bureau now, micro-blog management @ Copenhagen Tourism Bureau, in his spare time, Dan operators @ Copenhagen Q, share some fun, culture. – Copenhagen is the most worth buying things – home products for Northern Europe, home design may be the most famous. The Danish people throughout the year have a lot of time at home, so focus on product design Home Furnishing. If you love this product, you might as well go to the home of a large shopping mall or a special home shopping around, and even some of the department stores like home design museum. Some large items can not be brought back to the country can give you Home Furnishing collocation of inspiration, after returning to Taobao can find some similar design products; and small pieces of products, such as decoration, kitchen supplies, you can buy some practical and good-looking. Copenhagen fashion fashion will have large black and white ash, or dark blue, dark green color. Cold wind style of clothing is really popular here in the winter, everyone’s clothes are so tie-in winter, but also very stylish, in Copenhagen can be bought to buy basic. Copenhagen flea market flea market culture is developed, a variety of topics every weekend will have big or small market, buy clothing, Home Furnishing products, furniture, antiques, and some can even buy clothes in kilograms. Here is a kind of special snacks snacks: licorice, hard soft salty sweet, here is very love to eat, buy back can give as a gift or spoof about a friend (because they may not like the taste). Yes, most people will not buy Denmark Denmark cookies home to eat, do not deliberately go to buy their own cookies. A person — worth visiting celebrities or famous buildings – located in the Andersen Museum of Ousaideng Denmark’s most famous, is a fairy tale writer, and poet, and playwright, and paper-cut artists, and travel writer, and artist, Andersen. His out.相关的主题文章: