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Movies-TV Omar Qureshi reviewed three movies, Aiyaa, Looper, Makkhi, and Taken 2 on the Zoom Review Show, his weekly movie review show on Zoom TV. Omars style involves reviewing and rating many aspects of a movie: plot, direction, music, and the casting. Aiyaa Movie Review This film marks the return of Rani Mukherjees to the silver screen after a gap of two years. In this movie she stars opposite the South Indian actor Prithviraj. Omar says that the film is good only in parts and it doesnt .e together as a whole. He gives the film an overall rating of 2.5 stars saying that people should watch the movie only because its Ranis return to the big screen. Bhoot Movie Review Bhoot Returns, the 3D horror film from Ram Gopal Varma is another movie that the critic reviews. While other sites claim that it has nail biting moments but an abrupt ending, Omars take on the movie is that it doesnt have anything special about it with the exception of the camera angles which is Ram Gopal Varmas signature style. However, speaking about Manisha Koiralas acting in the movie, Omars opinion is that the role does not do justice to her talent and that she wasnt the ideal choice for the role and therefore, this movie wasnt the best way for her to make a .eback. The first half is slow and the film gathers steam only during the last 30 minutes. Omar gives the film 2 stars simply because the film, as he rightly said, lacks originality. And also, for a horror film, there are very few scenes that are scary. Makhi Movie Review While reviewing Makkhi, a remake of the telugu film Eega, Omar opines that there isnt one scene in the movie that feels out of place. He goes on to say that the writer and director of the movie, S S Rajamouli, deserves .plete credit for a .plete fabulous product. He gives the film a rating of 4 stars. Omar says that the way the story has been written is simply brilliant because of the fact that youre always rooting for the revengeful yet playful fly. Taken 2 Movie Review While reviewing Taken 2, Omar feels that it suffers from a hangover of original film. While the first part is nice, the second is slow and turns out to be a let down. Moviegoers will get a sense of deja vu, but its worth a one time watch. Omar gives it 3 stars out of a possible 5. Looper Movie Review According to Omar, Looper is a movie with an interesting story. Omar was quite impressed with the plot even though he says that it can be quite confusing but thankfully there are enough clues to help you catch up. While the second half is slow, it kicks in to high gear towards the end and leads to an interesting climax. Despite being a science fiction film, the writers and directors have .plimented the dialogues brilliantly with the action scenes. Omar is quite thankful for the fact that the film has purposeful action as opposed to mindless action. Also because he feels that the movie makes you think, he gave it a 4 star rating. The Omar Qureshi Zoom Review airs every Friday between 9:30 PM to 10:00 PM on Zoom TV. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: