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OLED Ba screen mobile phone market fund layout sapphire concept – fund channel recently, Apple Corp issued a new autumn conference invitations, the conference will be held in the United States time on September 7th. However, the agitation of A shares is a hot Apple Corp and OLED (organic light-emitting diode) patents related to good news. The United States Patent and Trademark Office recently released a new patent Apple filed the sapphire coated electronic equipment solutions ", confirmed that Apple will launch iPhone OLED. Although the possibility of iphone7 series mobile phone equipped with OLED display is low, but the intelligent mobile phone industry will change to Apple Corp as the representative of the OLED panel ushered in the explosive demand. In addition to Samsung, LG and other giants of the world’s OLED industry will benefit directly, the domestic OLED screen penetration in the industry chain will also be expected to accelerate. Domestic companies in the field of intermediate materials first mover advantage is obvious, the future of the terminal material IP breakthrough or the possibility of higher production license, a larger market space, the most promising. Raised funds in the two quarter of this year also actively layout sapphire stocks. According to incomplete statistics Taurus financial network, the two quarter of this year, active stocks heavily loaded configuration sapphire stocks mixed fund up to 225. A total of 28 stocks get the favor of the fund. From the overall fund positions situation, Bo epitaxial growth theme mixed, mixed and rich wealth to deepen the value of consumption theme, unlimited Internet, Bo Beixin Ruifeng industry holding power sapphire stocks accounted for the proportion of the net top, respectively 15.37%, 13.76%, 13.33%, 12%, 11.03%. North Ruifeng letter unlimited Internet heavily loaded configuration tiantonggufen, SinoWealth, Chi Yun shares three stocks, the remaining four funds are the largest holding two stocks. Bo Bo theme mixing and epitaxial growth industry of the new hybrid configuration are heavily loaded with Ou Feiguang and violet nationalchip. The mixture of rich and deepen the value of consumption theme in addition to the configuration of the optical crystal, respectively. The configuration of Long Sheng technology and Sheng Electrical. Overall, Ou Feiguang’s heavily loaded configuration active shares mixed funds the largest number reached 46. Among them, Bo theme epitaxial growth proportion of the stock of net pioneer holds mixing and central time in the top two, reaching 7.92% and 7.34% respectively. Ou Feiguang’s OLED touch display business has opened up the cycle, the company size, small size touch screen, pressure screen, full fit business is expected to erupt in the international high-end products. Since the two quarter of this year, the share price rose steadily, as of September 1st, the cumulative increase of over the same period, the Shanghai Composite Index rose only by the same period of 1.98%. An optoelectronic and optical crystal respectively 26 and 23 active shares mixed funds active configuration. The rich value advantage mixed and Eastern red select holds the advantages of Sanan optoelectronics net worth ratio reached more than 6%. Bo entrepreneurial growth and wealth to deepen the value of the optical crystal mixed holdings accounted for the proportion of the net top, reached 8.65% and 6.83% respectively. Sanan optoelectronics is the world’s second largest LED (light emitting diode) chip suppliers, the future will benefit from the advance in the field of compound semiconductor.相关的主题文章: