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Obsessive compulsive disorder? Originally is order sensitive period! Sohu maternal and child obsessive-compulsive disorder? Originally is order sensitive period! Children have these similar obsessive-compulsive disorder performance, in fact, because they began to have a sense of self, with the initiative, is also commonly known as order sensitive period. The order of the babyssensitive period, will be divided into three stages: because this order destruction and crying, order once the recovery will be quiet; in order to maintain order and say "no", self consciousness began to sprout; in order to maintain order and stubborn, all start again. Baby stubborn this stage, parents may be the most distressing period. Order sensitive period, it is very important to cultivate the sense of security! The baby in the order of the sensitive period, sometimes let mom and dad think "won’t listen to reason", but in fact, the order of the sensitive period of children is very important. Montessori put forward, in the nine sensitive period of children, the sense of order is the first need, it affects a person’s habits and behavior. For our baby, the sense of order is a kind of spiritual needs, when it is met, there is a natural pleasure, thus forming a sense of security. Like a bear doll, inseparable bedtime routine, the door must be immutable and frozen by the father opened the door and so on, once the order has been broken, the baby will be anxious, at a loss. Through the order sensitive period, parents do 1, but not accustomed to the use of the principle of not touching the baby on the line. A: where is the toy to be put in the right place? Well, follow him! Who needs someone to take a bath? Well, follow him! Do you need him to push the elevator?. Already some people press how to do? Then do it again. Respect for the baby’s order, is also the best way. Of course, the following is not used to. For the question of principle cannot compromise, can not meet the "order", mom and dad can be flexible, warm embrace, patiently explained, to divert attention, to find an alternate destination and so on are feasible measures. 2, let the baby have the right to choose the stubborn child says "no", mom and dad can also refer to most people’s experience: a general rule to the baby, in the acceptable range, the baby can have the right to choose. This can protect the baby’s autonomy, and will not make him over indulgence, resulting in self centered. If the baby has to do something beyond this range, the mother can gently but firmly stop, and tell the baby "mom is love you, but it is not good to do so." So, the baby’s obsessive-compulsive disorder, is a stage of growing up, always in the past, mom and dad do not need to worry about, do not give children labeled "unreasonable" and "stubborn" label, listen to him.相关的主题文章: