Note7 explosion affect retail Samsung dealers said the purchase volume halved (video) brock lesnar

Note7 explosion affected retail Samsung dealers said the purchase volume of the Beijing News (reporter Li Yuan intern reporter Yang Li) line version of the Galaxy Note 7 explosion to upgrade. On the evening of 20, HUAWEI and Shenzhen City Council at the same time sound. HUAWEI said it had nothing to do with the Samsung Note7 explosion. Shenzhen Consumer Council, said Samsung (China) raised three questions. The Samsung mobile phone dealers also told the Beijing News reporter, said the involvement of the explosion, a great impact on the store mobile retail. HUAWEI said the explosion and the exposure of users independent country line version of Samsung Note7 first and two fried fried shortly after the event, Note7 ATL and Samsung battery supplier Chinese issued a series of statements to clarify: that has nothing to do with the battery problem China Note7 mobile phone fire occurred, the test and analysis, the product is damaged due to external heating. In a statement, some people questioned the authenticity of the Samsung detection, was also questioned, fried machine user motivations, there will be directed at Samsung’s rival, that HUAWEI played an inglorious role in China for Samsung Note7 explosion. In this regard, HUAWEI terminal 20, said in a statement released by micro-blog, without any relationship with the matter, and will retain the right to pursue legal responsibility. HUAWEI said in a statement, "don’t be evil, not adding insult to injury, Samsung is one example of the mobile phone industry study, believe that Samsung will solve the problem as soon as possible. The industry generally believe that the Samsung Note7 crisis will bring opportunities for domestic mobile phone companies. Domestic mobile phone companies may therefore usher in the first year of prosperity". IDC announced the Chinese smart phone market in the second quarter of 2016 shipments ranking shows that ranked in the top five mobile phone manufacturers are HUAWEI, OPPO, vivo, millet and Apple’s five. Samsung is not on the list. Note7 explosion has a direct impact on the retail Samsung Note7 mobile phone explosion to the present, the impact on Samsung mobile phone dealers? What’s the dealer’s reaction? In view of the above question, the Beijing News reporter interviewed the Pudong New Area Jufeng road two layer B2129 dealer Wang Hai Peng and Shanghai City, Beijing Zhongguancun tophere building underground name 315 ov dealer Wu Yichun. Wu Yichun told the Beijing News reporter, "(the Samsung mobile phone retail) is certainly influential, especially the use of Note7 are relatively high-end customers, their safety in this area is more demanding, and now use Bote7 is not on the plane." Wang Haipeng also told the Beijing News reporter, said: friends and customers are also very concerned about this issue (Security), thereby affecting sales." Whether it will continue to purchase (Samsung mobile phone)? Wu Yichun said, Note7 basically not purchase, the purchase of other models will be less than three to 40%." Wang Haipeng told the Beijing News reporter: just in case of Apple’s new market, the purchase of Samsung phones will be relatively small, the pressure will be a long time. Although I will purchase, but the number will be considered, almost halved." Related news – Shenzhen disappear appoint the sound exposure of users Chinese question Samsung market has two state line version of the bombings, caused widespread concern of consumers Chinese. Shenzhen City Council in 9.相关的主题文章: