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Non Beijing net about car drivers switch to make a living life sigh when the people of Beijing original title: net about car drivers "nostalgia": can not enter the city, not to go back to the village economic observer reporter Liu Gen   in the fall of seventeen years ago, the grand National Day parade ceremony held at the Beijing Tiananmen square, and 14 year old Liu Jiandong left home in Hebei Pingxiang County, Xingtai City, take the train to Beijing, a leather factory in Tongzhou started his career in migrant workers. Liu Jiandong’s work across the territory of Mongolia, Russia and africa. He is now the identity of Beijing’s full-time network about the car driver, and he also has 32 Pingxiang fellow. They built a WeChat group, called "East team". Where they sleep in Beijing South six ring side, the Tiananmen gate is about 20 km, a food factory is located in "village in city". They are fellow, male, more than and 30 years old, wife and children left home. Their lives are typical of the 170 million Chinese people from the countryside. Most of them are 80, already lost contact with the land. Although the agricultural accounts, home a few acres of land, but no one is willing to go back to farming. Most people have returned home again and again, but soon again again into the city. So repeatedly. This year, 100 days after the Spring Festival, Liu Jiandong village with villagers gradually came to Beijing open network about cars, up to more than and 40 people. At that time, a month to earn about ten thousand yuan, there are less than seven thousand or eight thousand. This income allows them to find their place in the cement and steel city, as a driver to establish a new connection with Beijing. But unlike the intimacy between the past and the land, the new connection is a bit fragile. Net about the new car "Beijing Beijing car", to the fragile relationship under the heavy hammer smashed. The first half of the year, "many people come here, pull." this information is still "Dadong team" WeChat group to pass each other. With the release of the news about the new car network in Beijing, the WeChat group is now more and more quiet. They are talking about what to do in the future. Some people say, not to do is to open the black car. Dadong team like the fate of Beijing from time to time the haze, people do not see the front. A big East team live next to the South six ring, there are many factories nearby. No high-rise, air occasionally plastic burning smell, here is a typical urban. All the villagers live in food factory is the center of town village, of which more than and 20 people live in the same building. This is a 4 storey Tongzilou, each room is about eleven two square meters, generally two or three villagers sleep, every 500 yuan a month. That day is Tuesday, noon sun glare, but if you do not turn on the lights, the building was dark. A fellow said, here is more humid. Liu Hua to get the quilt corridor "sun", where lighting is better, but still not to bask in the sun. Liu Hua is the driver of the group of 32 years old, was originally the introducer, he put Liu Jiandong’s fellow villagers to Beijing. Live in Jun相关的主题文章: