Niu Ximing talk about Reform to get out of the general account account

Niu Ximing talk about Reform: to get out of a large fund account account Sina exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Large bank division reform Niu Ximing bank since the 1987 re established, as the experimental field Chinese financial reform, has been at the forefront of the reform of state-owned banks practice, several development are closely related to the reform of institutional mechanisms. In recent years, with the profound changes in the internal and external situation of the financial industry, the increasing pressure on the development and operation of the Bank of communications, the advantages of institutional mechanisms have gradually weakened. From the successful experience of domestic and foreign banks, the reform of the Ministry of commerce is an important choice to realize the transformation of the business model of the commercial banks under the new situation. Bank of communications will explore the cause of the Ministry of operation included in the important project of deepening reform, after more than two years of reform practice, and gradually explore a suitable for large state-owned commercial banks of the reform of the cause of the road. In recent years, the development of large state-owned commercial banks faces both internal and external challenges. First, the impact of changes in the external environment. The economic downturn, the rapid growth of the scale of bank assets and profits difficult to continue, continue to accumulate financial risks; the interest rate market, causing the bank spreads continued to narrow, the traditional deposit and loan business, difficult financial disintermediation, very careful; make the loss of a large number of high-quality customers, commercial bank credit intermediary position challenge; the rapid development of Internet banking has changed the way of financial activities, the traditional business model, profit model of commercial banks hit; private banks release, accelerate banking pattern changes, the more intense competition in the market. Secondly, the internal institutional mechanisms to restrict the release of vitality. Experienced a financial restructuring, foreign investment, listing, after about 10 years of golden development period, the development of the top five state-owned banks in recent years, significantly slowed down, some of the obstacles to the management system and mechanism gradually. A total line under the jurisdiction of three levels of management, the branch level management mode, the low level of marketing, business development is more extensive, the ability to serve the real economy needs to be improved; two is the "branch bank", inter departmental communication and coordination difficult, long management chain, low decision-making efficiency, the market reaction speed is slow; three is the administrative the concept of a strong management, resource allocation of the market mechanism is not perfect, the responsibility is not unified; four emerging business areas of high end talent shortage, business resources, professional level is not high. The above situation urgently requires the state-owned commercial banks to innovate the institutional mechanisms, highlighting the concept of efficiency as the core, focusing on the introduction of market-oriented resource allocation mechanism to achieve professional management. Review the hundred years history of banking, international commercial banks face interest rate market challenges, will have an important breakthrough of the reform is the transformation of the management mode, and achieved good results, is a powerful reference to Chinese banking reform. The division system reform the principle of division system reform is refers to the internal to a product, regions or customers on the basis of the related research and development, procurement, production, sales and other departments are combined into a relatively independent form of organization structure, establish the management theory of attention相关的主题文章: