My Own Obesity

Weight-Loss Like so many people, when I first began to put on weight, I tried every diet, every exercise program and every gimmick I could find. I went to extremes because I was angry. I was angry that my thyroid had been damaged by neglect, during some minor surgery. It caused me a serious weight problem which I was stuck with. It seemed unfair and I was determined to find a way to fix it or override it. I finally did, five years ago, with my own obesity plan. Recently I was encouraged to write it all down and publish it in an ebook. My own plan can best be described as an anti-diet method of weight loss that requires a small change in lifestyle. It does not require me to cut down on my food intake, or to exercise, or to count my calories. Most important of all, it has eliminated my food cravings. We all know that after each diet the weight always returns right? Well, not anymore. I have kept the weight off for five years and I will continue to keep it off permanently. When I began my manic search for the right diet to lose weight, I soon learned that every weight loss came at a price; the weight always returned there was always more of it than when I started and my metabolism became more sluggish and unreliable with each diet. These apparent changes to my metabolism concerned me greatly. So much so that I began a quest to find a way to lose weight permanently. It had to be a way that would stop further damage to my metabolism. I also hoped to reverse the damage I had already caused with my many reckless diets. Above all I suspected that such a diet would lead to a permanent weight loss. I based my optimism on the fact that for forty years I never gave a thought to my weight or to what I ate. My weight rarely changed by more than a kilo and it always returned to normal. During those years I did not avoid sweets. I ate them when I felt like it. I did not avoid fast food and I had the occasional pizza and Chinese was a regular weekly event. It was normal for me to feel both fit and healthy. I worked out at a gym five days a week, something I had always done. I only stopped eighteen month ago when I fell down the stairs. I started up again just a couple of months ago. I can absolutely guarantee that exercise has had no influence on my weight, only on the shape of my body. Once I gained weight and began to diet, the one thing I seemed to lose was a healthy working metabolism. Until thirty to forty years ago most people relied on their metabolism to control their weight. That is what it was designed to do. But then nutrition became a catchphrase and we saw whole new pseudo professions .e from nowhere to introduce an emphasis on diet and nutrition which ignored our metabolism and the food our body was used to. Suddenly it was pass to eat the way our grandparents had encouraged us to eat for centuries. Now we had healthy foods and unhealthy foods and those foods had no bearing on the foods our bodies had been used to for generations. There is nothing more seductive, particularly to younger people, than a new way to do old things and that has unfortunately included eating. We are now witness to an obesity problem already called an epidemic. Almost two thirds of the population is overweight. Sadly, that includes children of all ages, something unheard of just a couple of decades ago. There have always been people who were overweight, but they were a small minority. More often than not, their condition would have a medical cause such as diabetes. This brings to mind type2 diabetes, a frighteningly .mon disease today, yet unheard of thirty to forty years ago. I find it very ironic that these days, when I use the words permanent weight loss I will probably have to qualify what I mean. Thats because many calorie reducing diets use the words in their promotions thereby diminishing their value. When I personally use the word permanent I mean forever and a permanent weight loss means I will never have to diet again. I know my own obesity plan will help entire families get back on the right track to a permanent healthy weight loss. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: