Milk giant Beingmate 200 million loss of half a year after the price war was hit hard jodie foster

The first half loss of 200 million in the giant Beingmate milk price war was hit [Abstract] Beingmate dealer agent system, through to enter the children’s liquid milk market Duocuobingju, trying to reverse the results of the universe, but the first half of this year, the company loss is still as high as 210 million yuan of domestic infant milk powder giants – Beingmate (002570.SZ) recently caught in a loss quagmire, even the cross-border acquisitions approved the message that are driven out of the haze of loss. Between 2008 and 2009, Beingmate has been rapid development, net profit rose more than 2 times, but since the beginning of the performance in 2014 reversed, when the net profit is less than the previous year’s 17. 2015, after deducting government subsidies, the company began to lose. In the first half of this year, the loss has been as high as 210 million yuan. Once the rapid development of Beingmate why sluggish performance in recent years? In this case, the company plans to take measures to regain the market? Reporters on issues related to the interview outline sent to Beingmate, and telephone contact secretaries office staff, the other said the interview will be accepted by the public relations department. But the reporter repeatedly call his ministry of public telephone no answer, as of press time has not received any reply Beingmate. From rapid development to successive losses Beingmate was founded in 1999, headquartered in Hangzhou. In the supply of milk is not an advantage of Beingmate, the beginning of the focus on the selection of dairy products in the market segments. The rapid development of Beingmate began in 2008 this year, many large milk prices due to the melamine incident and losses, has not been found to contain melamine to milk prices in the domestic Beingmate talent shows itself, a substantial increase in profits. 2008, the company net profit of 98 million 520 thousand yuan, an increase of 2.5 times in 2007. This rapid growth momentum continued to 2009, this year, Beingmate net profit of 320 million yuan, an increase of more than 2 times. 2013 is the culmination of the date of the establishment of Beingmate, in this year to achieve a net profit of 720 million yuan. But in 2014, Beingmate’s performance was a cliff style decline, net profit of only 68 million 880 thousand yuan, less 17 a year. 2015, although Beingmate Book performance growth, but after deducting 120 million yuan of government subsidies have been losses. In the first half of this year, Beingmate’s performance deteriorated further, a loss of 210 million yuan. Why Beingmate from the rapid development of today’s successive losses? In the dairy experts Song Liang seems, this and in recent years by the sea Amoy effect, Beingmate continued to participate in the price war has a great relevance. Song Liang on the "investor" reporter said: "now the electronic commerce website to buy foreign milk consumers more and more, the traditional domestic dairy dealers have had a great impact on some of the milk prices sales as before, Beingmate in 2013 after product prices across the board, and the price of the total loss of pressure to the channel this leads to the deterioration of relations with Beingmate, the channel, the channel that finally lost confidence in Beingmate." In addition to participate in the price war, so that dealers have been hit and gradually withdraw from the outside, loose management also led to a reduction in the market share of Beingmate. Song Liang told reporters that the entire management of Beingmate.相关的主题文章: