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Micro film "Zhi Yi?": Veterans Spirit Beijing – indelible micro film "Zhi Yi?": the spirit of veterans indelible published: 2016-10-31 15:56 source: Youth Online Author: Shen Shaobo Hao Xufeng youth online news (Chinese Youth Daily? Youth online reporter Shen Bo less Intern Hao Xufeng) micro film "Zhi Yi" is? A Japanese soldier gave grandson grandpa’s birthday gift, the film tells the story of Grandpa, grandson narrative interviews and some precious historical data binding. "Zhi Yi" movie? The first part describes the grandfather 30 years of military service. The soldiers are living in a hail of bullets every day, can not see the sun tomorrow, who do not know. Grandpa is doing paperwork in the Huaihai Campaign, once the enemy broke grandpa company of defense, company commander let him go to the rear and replace the correspondent on the road, my grandfather was the enemy gun burst nearly killed, so Grandpa secretly complain about the company commander. But when Grandpa returned to the position, his comrades have been sacrificed, company commander also seriously injured, he rushed to the front to back to the company commander, company commander commander bandaged, but waved his hand and said in his ear "revolution in the end" on the last. Grandpa remembers with a hand to wipe tears, if not long, I’m afraid he would sacrifice. The second part is about the grandfather from the army to the place of work. Although he was in the army meritorious service significantly, but he is not conceited, still in the position of hard work, he was a mine in Yuejin years let coal production increased from 40 thousand tons to 160 thousand tons, praised by the Bureau of mines. The third part of the film tells about his life and marriage. Although my grandfather was born poor, life has experienced numerous twists and turns, but my grandfather always firm and indomitable and hard work, he finally gained his life happy and great love. Micro film "Zhi Yi" is not only a memory of the grandfather, but also the memory of an era of the motherland, is the memory of the world anti fascist war. "Chi Yi"? The "will" not only refers to the name of the grandfather Tang Zhi, is also the history of leaving the younger a "ambition", such as soldiers in order to sacrifice national interests, the company commander vowed to "revolution in the end", the old workers to save the young people to sacrifice themselves, which have told us both at what age to hard work…… Guided by the national Internet information office network news information bureau, Chinese Youth Daily? Youth online hosting, China film archive, the Beijing International Film Festival Organizing Committee, the Chinese micro filial piety Festival, Yongchang media organized the 201 thousand and 600 China dream network micro film collection activities since its inception, has been widely concerned and the public participation. The current collection stage has been fully completed, now until October 30th, the majority of users are welcome to enter the official website for their favorite works to vote. Finally by Internet voting, expert review of the 100 film "Chinese dream" network micro film will be released in December this year and the final results show. Micro film "Zhi Yi" viewing address: Web version of the voting link: mobile version of the voting link:相关的主题文章: