MCM Beijing skp10 anniversary National School grass Song Weilong appeared when the manager

MCM Beijing SKP10 anniversary "National School grass Song Weilong appeared when the manager lead: in November 12, 2016, the German luxury brand MCM 10 anniversary celebration of Beijing SKP share MCM winter 2016 Munich baroque style series" invited the National School grass Song Weilong as Beijing MCM SKP three boutique "one day the manager" as the fashion people and brand friends. 2016 was also the 40 anniversary of the establishment of the MCM brand, to create special 2016 winter series, is the birthplace of Munich’s iconic brand creative inspiration, back Munich origin, pay homage to their magnificent art heritage, showing bold and elegant design series. Autumn and winter series into the Baroque elements design, color design and simple collocation is full of vigor and vitality, showing perfect charm gorgeous bright and fresh minimalist fusion. MCM "1 manager" Song Weilong MCM "one day the manager" Song Weilong MCM "1 manager Song Weilong as manager, Song Weilong on the day in the autumn and winter of MCM2016 special series, gold inlaid uniforms uniform, valiant and heroic in bearing handsome match show, cool temperament is different from the past, in the field well, recommended a variety of other daily collocation well, the guests favorite scene. The bright colors of the white suit, the details outlined by the Navy, highlighting the overall shape of the sense of hierarchy; Baroque printing sweater, by using Ruby and Munich blue bold interpretation, add luster to the daily dress; leather jacket, cool handsome boys can be playful collocation letter decoration Stark backpack, girls can be a diagonal only the red Berlin handbags, to increase the degree of fashion. MCM Beijing SKP MCM Beijing SKP shop store map map is located in Beijing SKP three layer MCM boutique, decorative style exquisite, unique simple layout style, the handicraft and modern sense of mutual exchanges, to convey the brand luxury experience. Boutique in the exclusive debut for Beijing SKP10 anniversary special custom 2 pink Stark Kristall series – BACKPACK XMI and CROSSBODY SML Satchel Bag, limited edition 9. Beijing SKP logo Pantone powder for the purpose, to create exclusive two limited edition Stark Kristall series, re interpretation of the perfect crystal and stamp of harmony, in the details reflect the special technology, special custom studs to form a visual impact and rich color, showing a stunning series of luxury and the. Model figure models display model display map at the same time, MCM Beijing SKP three boutiques in Munich Chen Lieyi era baroque style inspired, ruby red, golden color, dark blue and yellow ochre to create a gorgeous color effect, showing the German vibrant creative expression and cultural heritage, and the first to present a new 40 Ruby Jubilee: a series of special anniversary celebration of anniversary of the launch of Ruby Jubilee series MCM40.相关的主题文章: