Married three times, this is the first wedding belonging to Christy Chung, who is 46 years old masa-c

Married three times, this is the first belong to the wedding of Christy Chung, 46 years old, I hope everyone is married to love. The couple is absolutely right, there are good friends questioned the 36 year old figure why Zhang Lunshuo will marry the mother of the three children, the age of 46 for his bride, Christy Chung? He answered: because of love the sonorous and forceful. Christy Chung was literally knocking heart Sincerity: "I have to love before, do not stop to pay for each other. I still believe that love is simple. Although I am a single mother, but I love the pursuit of." As a famous entertainment "sexy goddess", she had had two marriages, and have three daughters, but never put on their own wedding, she said it was a pity in life. Christy Chung and Zhang Lunshuo held a grand wedding in Beijing in November 8th. This time, she finally put on their own wedding, under the witness of family and friends and loved ones into the marriage hall. Three daughters are in, parents very happy, best friend as a bridesmaid wedding. Through the groundless talk woman with such a warmth, joy, and the wedding for their fill a pity, a dream round. The main wedding fairy tale mermaid princess from blue jade LANYU, with Mermaid love story as the material, with a diamond in a three meter long tail painted on the scene of a underwater world. Two little mermaid skirt in the rear side of the two stages represent Christy in love at the same time, looking for the brave to embrace lost love. The front skirt is a mermaid eventually find true love, two people hug kiss the portrait. The submarine is a series of portraits of the edge waves rolled up, wear it more like Christy Chung waves hold Mermaid princess. The undersea world picture by tens of thousands of pieces of stones together, each one by hand paste, cute little swimming fish and shells, different shapes of the starfish and other sea creatures are beaded. A story of two people also expressed a beautiful love story designer Lanyu feelings of this sincere wish. The neckline wedding details such as location with real diamond ornament, dress and shining like diamonds, a symbol of pure love couple mermaid. Happiness is not light but light itself in the reality, the "Mermaid" show to the world, is less than 1/10000 of the true romantic fairy tale. When she wore a glittering Mermaid smile skirt, she is all good. The designer Peng Jing comes from the sea and the beauty of the story, the artistic design and creative transformation of visual: tens of thousands of SWAROVSKI crystal studded with a body form into meaning Mermaid shiny scales waves surge the folds of the skirt, nail bead, diamond YISHION handmade, showing a dynamic vision the effect of sunlight, glittering in the sea and walk in. A plurality of lianzhouzhuan day and night after Peng Jing held the "super luxury" wedding gift, let Christy Chung reproduce the "Mermaid" in the beauty of the world at a wedding reception. Blue Ocean Dream wedding scene also create a mysterious sea atmosphere, Zhongli fishtail wedding dress and the theme is very fit, like the blue sea legend is more like the legend, more like a mermaid than Stephen Chow mermaid"相关的主题文章: